Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    8-5-14 Margaret A. Colvin to RBS Citizens, Na, 22958 West Toledo Street, $50,000.

Catawba Township

    8-7-14 Richland Bank to Courteney A. Hudson and Theresa C. Jeremy, 5282 East Buchanan Drive, $45,000.

    8-7-14 Clayton L. and Stephanie K. Hopper to Randy F. and Tamara L. Schmidt, Lot 70 Huningbird, $55,000.

Danbury Township

    8-5-14 Daniel F. and Teresa S. Edwards to Janet Whitland, 436 Oak Avenue, $315,000.

    8-5-14 James Hunt to Randolph J. and Joyce C. Ayers, 229 North Bedford, $85,000.

    8-7-14 Andrew B. LaTourette and Eve L. Brooksieker to David and Kathleen Ware, 460 North Monument View, $203,000.

    8-8-14 Lara J. Miesle to Christopheer P. and Wendlin J. Menier, 365 North Miley Drive, $78,000.

Genoa Corp.

    8-7-14 Leonard C. Vogelpohl to Robert E. and Tina L. Goeller, 1319 Buckeye Street, $112,000.

    8-7-14 Corey J. Mins to JPMorgan Chase Bank, 214 Washington Street, $30,000.

Marblehead Corp

    8-4-14 Bay Point Acquisitions LLC to Michael J. and Mary P. Berry, Lot 9 Lakewood Drive, $525,000.

    8-4-14 Bay Point Acquisitions LLC to Michael W. and Karen L. Krenn, Lot 10 Lakewood Drive, $540,000.

    8-4-14 The Old Fort Banking Company to Wayne A. and Kimberly J. Monyak, 822 East Main Street, $100,000.

    8-7-14 Robert Dean Rasmussen to John R. and Amy L. adams, 414 Bay point, $350,000.

    8-7-14 Bay Point Acquisition, LLC to Kerry R. and Maria P. Kessel, 152 Cove Court Drive, $460,000.

    8-7-14 Theresa M. Lustic to Marvin D. and Lisa J. Stalter, 10911 North Bay Point #601, $228,500.

Port Clinton Corp.

    8-7-14 Walter J. Bahnsen Jr and Janet L. Bahnsen to Bradley S. LeGresley, 223 Linden Street, $85,000.

    8-8-14 Elizabeth H. Hrupcho to William R.Tetzlaff and Brittany M. Ries, 314 East 4th Street, $49,000.

Portage Township

    8-7-14 Storage Condominium Inc to Gary J. and Michelle K. Coon, 4125 East Kirk Unit 219, $43,000.

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