Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    7-28-14 Barbara A. Marazon to Gordon W. and Miriam S.L. Reed, 3680 North Reiman Road, $43,000.

    7-30-14 Michael J. and Wendy S. Codoz to Edward T. Donnelly, III, 6340 North Blue Violet Court, $289,000.

    8-1-14 Deborah J. and Scot P. Romano to James C. Hayward, 6186 North Opfer Lentz Road, $186,000.

Bay Township

    7-28-14 Betty L. Christiansen to PNC Bank, 5112 West Fremont Road, $40,000.

Carroll Township

    7-31-14 Dustin and Rachel M. Trumbull to Mathew A. and Samantha L. Kaiser, 2213 Toussaint Portage Road, $125,000.

    8-1-14 Anthony J. and Susan K. King to David E. Screptock, 3120 North Lakeshore Drive, $150,000.

Catawba Township

    7-28-14 Evelyn M. Thoman to Gregory A. Dunn and Jeannie M. Rinckel, 5572 East Helmsman, $150,000.

    7-29-14 Karl J. III and Elizabeth Kuenzer to Matthew M. Abraugh, 3670 East Highland Drive, $159,900.

    7-31-14 William r. and Elizabeth Griffin to Douglas Miller Bischoff, 515 Northwest Catawba, $135,000.

    7-31-14 Susan F. Dunham to Michael J. Rouen, 1394 Overlook Drive, $350,000.

    7-31-14 John A. and Cynthia A. Miner to WillCin LTD, 1424 North Overlook, $762,500.

    7-31-14 John S. and Jane E. Shilders to Richard L. and Mary K. Smith, 5481 Nantucket Street, $280,000.

    7-31-14 John F. and Kathleen L. DiRocco to Kenneth and Gail Brinker, 3790 Overlook, $175,000.

    8-1-14 Stephen J. Monak to David W. Eicher, 300 North Crest Drive, $25,000.

    8-1-14 Carl A. and Nancy K. Jonke to Ronald E. and C. Diane Heminger, 3865 East Overlook Drive, $58,000.

    8-1-14 Brian C. and Janice B. Montgomery to James Kevin and Holly J. Brawley, 290 North Crest Drive, $270,000.

Clay Township

    8-1-14 William E. Recker and Christopher A. Magrum to Anatoli and Annette F. Wakulenko, 7042 Camper Road, $10,500.

    8-1-14 Salome A. Lopez et al to Andrew J. and Toni M. Sturniolo, 2735 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $165,500.

Danbury Township

    7-28-14 Janet G. Pierce to Brian A. and Sherri A. Kerber, 2121 South Bailwick, $85,000.

    7-28-14 5831 SR 163, LLC to Spotted Dog Properties, LLC, 5831 East Harbor Road, 10 Units, $350,000.

    7-28-14 Spotted Dog Properties LLC to James J. Hart, 5831 East Harbor Road Unit C-30, $74,000.

    7-29-14 Marblehead Partners LLC to Douglas A. and Dawn M. Kordel, 459 North Lake Pine Drive#1, $94,900.

    7-29-14 Spotted Dog Properties LLC to Edward R. Kuchar, 5831 East Harbbor Road Unit C-32, $66,000.

    7-30-14 Stephen A. and Tammy L. Steinle to Douglas B. and Cynthia G. Bunn, Lot A-49 Gravel Bar, $19,500.

    7-30-14 Robert Waschpusch to Roger and Sharon Francis, 2437 South Oak Knoll Drive, $50,000.

    7-30-14 American Title Agency Inc to Anthony Fred Loschiavo, 2419 South Harbor Bay Drive, $89,900.

    7-30-14 Marblehead Partners, LLC to Richard A. Joyce, 470 North Lake Pine Drive #14, $83,610.

    7-31-14 Richard M. and Mary M. Dziak to James J. and Stacey L. Vaneerten, 9163 East Bayshore Road, $208,000.

    8-1-14 Dennis Humbert to Deborah A. Noward and Randall J. Bartz, 2058 South Bayview Drive, $55,000.

    8-1-14 George and Vickie Schuller to Roger W. and Deborah S. Bens, 209 Leddy Lane, $118,000.

    8-1-14 William A. Sulzer to James and Susan Ault, 342 Meadowbrook, $95,000.

    8-1-14 Gary L. Olin and Saranne Price Nelson to David S. And Ethel L. Bell, 456 Peach Avenue, $524,000.

    8-1-14 Kerry R. and Maria P. Kessel to H.T. Properties, Inc., 142 Oak Street, $450,000.

    8-1-14 Carol A. and Velda R. Grandjean to Robert J. and Geri Lee Schomer, 2149 Napama, $171,250.

Elmore Corp.

    7-29-14 William and Tina Hyde to Deutsche National Bank, 537 South Toledo Street, $26,667.

    8-1-14 William H. Hayes to Joyce Hertzfeld, 576 Wedgewood Street, $149,900.

Erie Township

    7-30-14 Nugix LLC to Camp Perry Development LLC, 4919 West Lakeshore, $175,000.

Marblehead Corp

    7-30-14 Walden H. Whyman et al to Timothy D. and Veronica L. Rinehart, 10654 East Bayshore Drive Unit 104, $206,213.

    8-1-14 Robert j. and Janice E. Najuch to John C. Dominy and Jane M. Mallernee, 113 Cottage Cove Drive, $320,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    7-28-14 Badowski Family Limited Partnership to James K. and Linda J. Wiseman, 362 North Clinton Reef, $117,000.

    7-29-14 Jeffrey and Susan L. Cairns to Daniel A. and Shannon K. Twinling, 621 East 5th Street, $152,000.

    7-29-14 Jeannine B. Asher to Jim Properties, LLC, 212 Buckeye Blvd., $160,000.

    7-29-14 Jim Properties LLC to K. Burchard Smith and Associates, LLC, 212 Buckeye Blvd., $175,000.

    7-31-14 Clair B. and Linda L. Jeremy to James E. Fraley Jr., 640 Monroe Street, $10,000.

    8-1-14 Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Michael and Leslie Benton, 431 West 2nd Street, $25,379.

Portage Township

    7-28-14 Storage Condominium, Inc. to Dennis R. and Josephine A. Winchell, East Kirk Road #216, $43,900.

    7-29-14 Ricksim Real Estate LLC to Agree Limited Partnership, 3990 East Harbpr Road, $1,209,921.

    7-29-14 Bank of America to Edward Raymond Fitzgerald, 1618 south Hickory Groce Road, $68250.

    7-29-14 CSI Construction Services Inc to Duane J. and Paula K. Frey, Catawba Storage Condo Unit 334, $20,000.

    8-1-14 Kevin Wahlers to Mike Makripodis, 1944 East State Road, $108,000.

Put In Bay Village School

    8-1-14 Morgan Park of Put In Bay LLC to Craig A. Schuffenecker, 131 Basil Lane, $120,000.

Salem Township

    7-28-14 Connie Durdel to 1238 South Grandview Ltd., 1238 Grandview Drive, $139,000.

    7-30-14 Jeffrey A. and Amie L. DeTray to Ryan C. and Kimberly S. Spencer, 11090 West Kimberly Drive, $175,000.

    7-31-14 John H. Ries Jr. and Sherri Ries to Jada N. Weaver, 1340 South Four Mile House Road, $83,000.

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