Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    7-15-14 Justin S. Riffle to John F. Wright Jr. and Barbara S. Wright, 22070 West Allen Drive, $9,500.

Bay Township

    7-14-14 Todd P. and Diane M. Winke to Erica P. and Matthew J. Bloomer, 5261 West Oak Harbor SE Road, $125,500. 

    7-14-14 Tom and Kathleen Palumbo to Roger W. Nienberg, 670 Clyde Street, $50,000.

    7-14-14 David and Elaine J. Matz to John B. and Mary J. Fowler, 2870 Cleveland Avenue,$65,000.

Carroll Township

    7-16-14 David A. and Lillian F. Wilson to Craig A. Stiles, 6569 North California, $20,000.

    7-17-14 Abby K. Hall to John J. and Rhonda E. O’Neill, 11150 West Bier Road, $210,000.

    7-18-14 Gerald and Karen Stripling to Kim M. and Ashlee N. Fravel, 8917 Canada Ridge, $85,000.

    7-18-14 Todd M. and Michelle C. Wise to Robert E. and Connie S. Stilwell, 1096 North Bass, $29,000.

Catawba Township

    7-14-14 Katherine R. Lenner to Kari L. Sherwood, 2718 East Sand Road, $82,400.

    7-15-14 Dennis R. and Sherry L. Johnston to James E. and Kathleen J. Reile, 1623 NE Catawba Road #164, $83,500.

    7-16-14 Davenport Real Estate Development, LLC to Mark B. Bezilla, 701 North Harbor Point Drive, $249,900.

    7-16-14 Robert L. and Norma J. Nehls to John and Marcia Thornhill, 5467 East Fairway Drive, $125,000.

    7-16-14 Clifford L. and Judith A. Rapier to Jason J. and Jennifer L. Dugan, 1623 NE Catawba Road #136, $48,000.

    7-17-14 Duane E. Adams to John C. and Karla D. Sorg, 3661 East Walnut Grove, $174,500.

    7-18-14 James E. Mink to Glenn S. Boos, 1673 North Windward Drive, $125,000.

    7-18-14 Larry and Ruth Donelson to Douglas E. and Brenda S. Cellier, 1163 North Byrneal Beach and Lot 38 Catawba Orchard Beach, $555,000.

Danbury Township

    7-14-14 Marvin C. Rothenbuhler to Susan A. Guzy, 1601 Church Road, $240,000.

    7-14-14 Lighthouse Bluffs, LLC to Marvin C. Rothenbuhler, 333 North Lighthouse Oval, $157,000.

    7-16-14 Donald and Sandra S. Dobos to Bradley K. and Laura J. Shoff, 162 Walnut Suite 3, $78,000.

    7-17-14 Richard and Marulyn Minto to Gribble Insurance Agency, Inc, 5831 State Route 163 Unit 15-A, $47,000.

    7-17-14 Ashland Surgical Supplies, Inc. to Optimus Development, LLC, 209 and 239 South Bridge Road, $410,000.

    7-17-14 RQH, Inc to Optimus Development, LLC, 8980 East Hartshorn Road, $220,000.

    7-17-14 Optimus Development, LLC to Marilyn A. Minto, Matthew R. Minto and Richard R. Minto, 8980 East Hartshorn Road, $219,750.

    7-18-14 Marblehead Partners LLC to Peter P. Schulz and Mary E. Johnson Schulz, 540 Lake Pine Drive #6, $98,910.

Erie Township

    7-14-14 Donald L. and Peggy Shaw to Kenneth A. and Karen M. Saban, 1229 West Lakeshore Drive, $298,500.

    7-17-14 Michelle Kokinda to Dave and Delores Brown, 78 Zeemon Street, $50,000.

Marblehead Corp

    7-14-14 Deborah K. Zachariah to Timothy A. and Barbara A. Steele, 402-b Main Street, $80,000.

    7-17-14 Charles A. and Martha J. Shuff to Philip H. Wolf, 1102 Lake Street, $473.500.

    7-18-14 Carl Newalaniec to Daniel and Ami D. O’Malley, 4550 Memorial Shoreway Drive, $295,000. 

Portage Township

    7-17-14 Eagles Nest Hangars LLC to Jeffrey J. Koehler, Unit 2 750 SE Catawba Road, $67,214.

    7-17-14 Eagle’s Nest Hangars LLC to Howard Aviation, LLC, Units 20 & 22 750 SE Catawba Road, $138,813.50

Rocky Ridge Corp

    7-14-14 William Crane to Adam A. and Sara R. Webert, 877 State Route 590, $196,000.

Salem Township

    7-15-14 India A. Dennis nka D’Avignon to Bruce A. Witt, 9797 West State Route 163, $90,000.

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