Real estate transfers

Bay Township

3-31-14 Christopher and Teresa Berwald to Thomas M. and Melanie M. Luke, 650 South Bradner, $81,500.

3-31-14 Jami T. McDonald and Julie A. Kalinoski to Roger Lee Ice Jr., 1420 West Fremont Road, $170,000.

4-1-14 Joseph Harvey to US Bank, 1278 West Fremont Road, $43,000.

Catawba Township

3-31-14 Stephen H. and Melissa C. Wank to Thomas E. Nagel, 3983 North Stonehenge Drive, $205,000.

4-3-14 Timothy R. Pelton to Bank of America, 4769 East Wood Duck Court, $383,334.

Clay Township

4-3-14 Cheryl A. Dipman to William M. and Donna M. Belkofer, 23274 West Hellwig Road, $26,950.

4-4-14 Edward Hatzidakis III and Lynette Hatzidakis to Robert A. Childress, 23104 West Edgefield Road, $97,000.

Danbury Township

3-31-14 Clyde F. Shetler to William L. and Kimberly K. Rogers, 232 North Steele Road, $112,500.

4-1-14 Nancy M. Kilbreth to Misty D. Franks, 2365 South Debra Drive, $158,000.

4-2-14 William E. Bradbury to Blake A. Molnar, 1260 East Englebeck Road, $172,000.

4-3-14 Eric Harsh and Michelle Kemp to James D. and Nancy P. Lemmon, 2180 South Bailwick, $285,000.

Harris Township

4-2-14 Harry R. and Jeannette L. Lincoln to Kyle D. Henry, 18926 West State Route 105, $140,000.

4-4-14 Kimberly T. Danes et al to Steven M. and Melanie J. Harder, 18692 West State Route 105, $143,000.

Oak Harbor Corp.

4-2-14 Wells Fargo Financial Inc. to Brenda Provenzale, 251 North Benton Street, $55,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

3-31-14 Douglas B. Millinger Jr. and Linda G. Millinger to Gary R. and Amy M. Howerth, 618 Madison Street, $60,000.

4-3-14 Mecprep LTD to Three Amigos LTD, 102 Madison Street Unit 2213, $50,000.

4-3-14 Dennis and Eloise Carte to 225 Ala Carte LLC, 225 Madison Street, $85,000.

4-4-14 Glenn and Yvonne Wood to Joan L. Hatt, 528 West Fremont Road, $25,000.

4-4-14 Richard J. Toeppe Sr. to James R. and Shelia A. Sachs, 318 Laurel Street, $40,000.

Put In Bay Corp.

3-31-14 Cindra Lipke-Benn to First Island Company, 366 Bayview Avenue, $1,646,033.48.

Salem Township

3-31-14 Todd Amburn to Shawn M. Hinca, 0 East Woodrich, vacant land, $56,000.

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