Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    12-30-13 Aaron Keith and Lori Nichols to Weichert Relocation Resources, 19311 Curtice Road, East West, $210,000.

    12-30-13 Weichert Relocation Resources to Jason E. and Stacey K. Clark, 19311 Curtice Road East West, $210,000

    12-30-13 Candice A. Storm to Terry W. Layton II, 305 Fifth Street, $40,000.

Carroll Township

    12-30-13 Leonard and Rita Buck to Eric Hirzel, 6536 North Harris Harbor, $94,500.

Catawba Township

    12-30-13 Sunshine Land II to James and Linda L. Stipanovich, 2771 Canterbury Circle, $332,150.

    12-30-13 Jeffrey O. and Gail M. Perl to Ann Nissen Wodrich, 2748 East Enchanted Lake Blvd., $135,000.

    12-30-13 John A. Moran to Jeffrey D. Shawberry and Eleanor J. Anderson, 4320B Marin Woods, $164,999.

    12-30-13 Leona Newsome to Peter A. and Laura L. Wennes, 2794 East Sand Road, $39,900.

    1-3-14 John Bell to Orchard Beach Deleopment, LLC, 1266 Overlook Drive, $330,000.

Clay Township

    12-30-13 Lauri L. Perry to Aramis Ballester Jr. and Kristen Ballester, 1530 North Boundary Drive, $105,000.

    12-31-13 Mary Jane Ashyk to Lisa Griffith, 2232 Moline Martin, $79,900.

Danbury Township

    12-30-13 Linda S. Ritzler to Jeffrey A. Doepker, 1664 Coldwater Crossing, $27,950.

    12-31-13 Zeis Development Ltd to General Storage Company Ltd, 5460 East Port Clinton Eastern Road, $25,019.

Elmore Corp.

    12-30-13 Dolores M. Holland to Jacquelyn L. Grey, 421 Winter Street, $121,500.

Erie Township

    12-30-13 Hannelore P. Knorm to Wetlands America Trust, 4650 West Harbor Road, $300,000.

Genoa Corp.

    12-30-13 Ashley and Daniel Devito to Matthew Dunn, 402 Castle Cove, $210,000.

Marblehead Corp

    12-30-13 Robert Doane to Karen M. Hudzinski, 3405 South Confederate Drive #210, $200,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    12-31-13 Karen R. Evans to Clark A. Miller , 209 South Gordon Drive, $121,500.

Port Clinton Corp.

    12-30-13 Mary E. Madison to LEE ELLEN LLC, 527 Adams Street, $68,580.

    1-2-14 Joyce M. Dubbert to DAVLIS PROPERTIES, LLC, 216 Madison Street, $225,000.

Salem Township

    12-31-13 Richard R. and Mary E. Maruschak to Jonathan A. and Tracy L. Buder, 11850 West River Lane, $259,000.

    12-31-13 Jonathan A. and Tracy L. Buder to Richard J. and Kathryn L. McGowan, 10520 West Hetrick Road, $175,000.

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