Real estate transfers

Bay Township

    11-18-13 Charolette S. Larson to Vicki O. Huegele, 2555 Mulcahey Road, $168,000.

Catawba Township

    11-18-13 Harold A. Dann to Suzanne M. Richard, 3750 Karwood, $178,000.

    11-19-13 The Sanctuary Homes Development Ltd to Shirley R. Cole, 2840 North Sanctuary Drive, $821,472.

    11-20-13 Heidi DeLong to Dann and Diana L. Moore, 5523 East Helmsman, $173,000.

    11-22-13 The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Mark A. and Jenna M. Sandvick, 245 North Crest Drive, $138,000.

Danbury Township

    11-18-13 Donald A. and Joan S. Wilms to Joseph A. and Lilian J. Kruczek, 8017 East Mary Lane, $60,000.

    11-22-13 Bruce E. and Theresa A. Taggart to Donald S. and Natalie F. Stockmaster, 1470 South Danbury Road, $280,000.

Genoa Corp.

    11-19-13 Ronald G. and Julie A. Rightnowar to John A. Smith, 813 Railroad Street, $70,000.

Marblehead Corp

    11-21-13 Bay Point Acquisition LLC to Christine D. Chervenic, 146 Bay Breeze Drive, $310,000.

    11-21-13 Cottage Cove Real Estate Investment LLC to Robert M. and Mary E. Tressler, 136 Cottage Cove, vacant land, $16,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    11-18-13 Lawrence and Carol O. Bennice to Bergman Construction, 801 East State Road, $25,000.

    11-21-13 Michael M. Gahn, Virginia A. Bellamy and Stuart R. Gahn to Justin L. Seiser, 407 West Third Street, $53,900.

    11-21-13 Robert E. and Patricia M. Below to Rachel L. Below, 613 Laurel Avenue, $82,000.

Portage Township

    11-18-13 M. Patricia Gates to John A. and Lori S. Keighley, 2497 Sand Road, $413,000. 

Put In Bay Village School

    11-18-13 Stone Lakeview Family LLC to Karen and Charles E. Edwards, 137 Lakeview Drive, $275,000.

    11-21-13 RMG Investments LLC to Graminoids and Forbs LLC, Lots 36-40 Yachtmen’s Club, $160,000.

Rocky Ridge Corp

    11-21-13 21st Mortgage Corporation to James E. and Jacquline Kingree, 910 Lickert Harder Road, $77,000.

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