Real estate transfers

Benton Township

    11-8-13 Ramona A. Malinowski et al to Easy Allan Haas, 5159 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $65,000.

Carroll Township

    11-12-13 WWC II LLC to DLF Enterprises LLC, 9055 State Route 2, $500,000.

    11-12-13 Andrew and Melissa Darling to Ernesto and Yolanda Hernandez, 8844 West Canada Goose Court, $54,000.

Catawba Township

    11-14-13 Dianna L. Duvall to Wells Fargo Bank, 49 North Harbors End Drive, $100,000.

Danbury Township

    11-12-13 Robert Mark Loar to Timothy E. and Bremda L. Loar, 623 Maple Street, $104,250.

    11-12-13 Carl W. Drennen to Christopher L. and Catherine L. Burke, 530 Vine Avenue, $230,000.

    11-15-13 Patrick E. and Sharon A. Cloney to Jon C. and Doren K. MacKay, 709 Oak Avenue, $90,000.

    11-15-13 Jeffrey B. and Teresa E. Stoller to Michael P. and Kathryn A. Oney, 5769 East Mistic Bay, $300,000.

Erie Township

    11-12-13 North Channel Properties LLC to Donald M. and Terry L. Rodwancy, Unit 2-5 North Channel Storage Condominium, $61,500.

    11-12-13 North Channel Properties LLC to Douglas J. and Candace M. Shealy, Unit 2-7 North Channel Storage Condominium, $63,700.

    11-15-13 Michael Stinson, Orvilee Stinson and Margie Stinson to Portageview LLC, 295 Meachan Road, $725,000.

Harris Township

    11-12-13 Jerald A. and Melody A. Haar to Andrew and Jackie Haar, West State Route 105, vacant land $2,500.

    11-13-13 Daniel G. and Phyllis A. Bach to Jacob W. and Jessica N. Anstead, 3881 Hessville Road, $165,000.

Marblehead Corp

    11-13-13 Randall L. and Linda W. Houlas to STV Investment LTD, 3664 Memorial Shoreway, $625,000.

    11-15-13 Danis Kay Mezla Putzback to James R. Easterday and Daphne R. Goins, 1102 Elliot Street, $180,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    11-12-13 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Travis Wolfe, 414 Laurel Avenue, $44,299.

    11-13-13 William E. Stadler and Caren E. Allen to William E. Stadler, 1409 East 2nd Street, $38,200.

    11-14-13 Charles A. and Linda S. Martin to Wells Fargo Bank, 431 West Second Street, $30,000.

    11-15-13 Galen H. and Vickie L. Schlipf to H & M Riverside LLC, 1090 Richey Road, $800,000.

Portage Township

    11-12-13 A. Thomas Watson to Fabio Tuiach, Unit 11 & 12 Catawba Storage Condominium, $64,000.

    11-14-13 Eagles Nest Hangers LLC to Robert E. and Barbara J. Boebel, Unit 1 750 SE Catawba Road, $80,000.

    11-14-13 Eagles Nest Hangars LLC to Catawba Moorings Inc., Unit 16 750 SE Catawba Road, $85,000.

    11-14-13 Eagles Nest Hangars LLC to Steve and Holly Arnold, Unit 3 750 SE Catawba Road, $65,000.

    11-14-13 Eagles Nest Hangars LLC to Watch Hill Inc., Unit 4 750 SE Catawba Road, $67,154.

    11-15-13 David Allen and Marianne Glasser to JPNL Leasing LLC, 2830 East Harbor Road, $850,000.

Put In Bay Village School

    11-12-13 Shawn T. Chaney to Raymond B. Fogg Jr., 1692 Langram Road, $350,000.

    11-15-13 Dean and Carmella McLaughline to Robert and Danielle Lasota and Arthur and Justine Main, 1235 Roesch Lane, $95,000.

    11-15-13 Louis J. Gigliotti Jr. to Cheryl A. Nelson, Burgundy Blvd., vacant land $8,800.

    11-15-13 Michael A. Webber Jr. to Melnn A. Mills, 1269 & 1259 Elliott Avenue, $3,000.

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