Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    9-23-13 Ernest W. and Peggy A. Fidor to Frederick W. Diebert, 24182 West Young Road, $120,000.

    9-25-13 Robin and Cheryl Haas and Mary Sanders to Shawn M. Allarding, 19560 State Route 579, $9,000. 

    9-25-13 James E. Torsok, Jr. to Philip C. and Sherrie R. Conley, 24210 West James Ridge Road, $105,000.

    9-27-13 Federal Home Loan mortgage Corporation to Thomas L. Cashen Jr., 22090 West Allen Drive, $43,000.

Bay Township

    9-26-13 Secretary of Housing and Development to Shane M. Blessing, 1254 West Fremont Road, $54,500.

    9-27-13 Marilyn Diane Stahl to Charles L. and Marjean Bush, 590 South Fostoria Road, $97,000.

Carroll Township

    9-27-13 Frank David Drudi to John P. Seiler, 1072 North Bass, $32,000.

Catawba Township

    9-23-13 Beach Towne LLC to William H. and Alice L. Conlisk, 3069 North Beach Towne Court, $299,000.

    9-24-13 Richard L. Coleman to Gregory L. and Sharon M. Sanger, 1544 NE Catawba Road, $235,000.

    9-26-13 Beach Towne LLC to John P. and June H. Rossman, 3173 North Beach Towne Court, $335,000.

    9-26-13 Helen E. Harris to Richard C. Hannon Jr. and Carol L. Hannon, 3701 NE Catawba Road, $1,150,000.

    9-27-13 Andrew F. and Lee Ann Lehner to Barry W. Staley, 1623 NE Catawba Road #105, $17,500.

Clay Township

    9-26-13 Federal National Mortgage Association to Blue Sky Job Training LLC, 23790 West Moline Martin, $45,000.

Danbury Township

    9-25-13 Ronald L. Pinion to Kenneth L. and Patricia A. Base and Nancy A. Carey, Whitecap, vacant land, $68,000.

    9-26-13 James H. Gunn to The Bank Of New York, 199 Strause Lane, $16,667.

    9-27-13 Dennis R. and Tracy A. Mock to Flag City Title Agency, 328 Oak, $260,000.

    9-27-13 Thomas F. Thayer to Charles E. Thayer II, 7601 East Downend Drive, $150,000.

     9-27-13 Bailiwick Company LLC to Petros Homes Inc., 2041 South Bailiwick Lane, $57,000.

    9-27-13 Federal National Mortgage Association to Wesley L. Kline, 725 Plum Avenue, $44,900.

    9-27-13 Sherry A. Cebull to Ellen N. Shortridge, 9065 East Harbor Road, $59,000.

    9-27-13 James E. Berry Sr. to Richard and Linda Kulaga, 1800 South Anna Drive, $42,000. 

Erie Township

    9-25-13 Allwyne S. Hopf Jr. to JR’s Farm LLC,  State Route 2, vacant land, $110,000.

Elmore Corp.

    9-23-13 Joan E. Bowser to Jennifer R. Merola, 355 Jackson Street, $65,000.

Genoa Corp.

    9-23-13 William J. Zaborski Jr. et al to CitiMortgage Inc., 507 Cherry Street, $43,334.

Harris Township

    9-23-13 Robert A. Gray to Brent W. Drossel, 13651 West Portage Road South, $155,000.

    9-25-13 Margaret Bench to Kurt and Corinna Bench, 3701 South Schultz-Portage Road, new split, $150,519.

Marblehead Corp

    9-27-13 Barbara S. Monak to Debra L. Lautermilch, 504 Ottawa Street, $125,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    9-26-13 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Joseph R. and Stephanie M. Lenke, 201 North Locust Street, $50,001.

Port Clinton Corp.

    9-24-13 MJG Investments to Tri-Coast Title, 215 East Third Street, $96,000.

    9-25-13 Brian K. Reed to Michael A. and Kathleen A. Gross, 222B Lakeshore Drive, $146,000.

Portage Township

    9-24-13 Eagles Nest Hangers LLC to Richard F. Maier Jr., Unit #9, 750 SE Catawba Road, $73,231.

    9-24-13 Eagle’s Nest Hangers LLC to Barry W. and Holly J. Larcey, Unit 7, 750 SE Catawba Road, $61,960.

    9-24-13 Eagle Nest Hangers LLC to Equity Trust Company, Unit 21, 750 SE Catawba Road, $84,500.

    9-24-13 Eagle Nest Hangers LLC to Sockmonkey LLC, Unit 14, 750 SE Catawba Road, $94,500.

    9-26-13 Eagles Nest Hangers to Pairti Solutions LLC , Unit 15, 3515 East State Road, $79,500.

    9-26-13 Eagles Nest Hangers LLC to Carl M. Mix, Unit 18, 720 SE Catawba Road, $73,904.50.

    9-26-13 Pairti Solutions LLC to Sandra J. Ridge, Unit 15, 3515 East State Road, $76,000.

Salem Township

    9-23-13 The Bank of New York Mellon to Nicholas Ulizzi, 8740 West State Route 163, $35,499.

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