Real estate transfers

Bay Township

    9-5-13 DC 3131 LLC to Nugent’s Canal Point Property Owners, West Canal Street, new split, $50,000.

    9-5-13 Jamie M. Ashton to Sandra K. Heilman, 2641 South Mulcahy Road, $55,000.

Benton Township

    9-5-13 Shirley Markley Estate to Hartman Kremer LLC, 13816 West Toussaint Road, vacant land, $350,000.

Carroll Township

    9-6-13 Randall W. and Christine M. Roth to Robert A. Witt and Kristin M. Quisno-Witt, 3221 North Lakeshore Drive, $145,000.

    9-6-13 William F. Gomola to Timothy and Teresa Sinclair, 8806 Canada Goose, $52,500

Catawba Township

    9-3-13 Linda Zobrist to Sumner E. and Cheryl D. Walters, 5715 Commodore, $370,000.

    9-4-13 Elizabeth M. and E. Robert Cain to W.W. Emerson Company, 5647 East Farrow, $70,000.

    9-5-13 Wilda M. and John C. Hawker to William H. and W. Marjorie Peters, 1530 NW Catawba Road, $152,500.

Clay Township

    9-4-13 Richard and Lenore Harmeyer to Zeller Farms Inc., West State Route 51, vacant land, $33,000. 

Danbury Township

    9-3-13 Rhonda I. Botti to Karmat Development LLC, 529 Erie Beach Road, part int, $42,500.

    9-3-13 Michael I. Botti to Karmat Development LLC, 529 Erie Beach Road, part int, $42,500.

    9-4-13 Harry A. and Carol A. Coe to John and Christine Pritchard, 2403 South Split Rock Drive, $84,000.

    9-6-13 Ronald D. Karns to Cheryl L. and Albert F. Huff, 278 Worthy Road, $88,000.

    9-6-13 Glenn and Marie E. Cunningham to Clyde F. Shetler and Deborah A. Vyn, 1950 North Nan, $320,000.

Erie Township

    9-3-13 Russell E. Ellebruch et al to Jeffrey and Patricia Abel, 211 North Lakefront, $87,000.

    9-4-13 Kenjohny Company to Curtis M. Baxter, Unit A-111 Port Clinton Storage Condo, $33,900.

Harris Township

    9-3-13 Robert Wegman to Andrew T. Long, 1402 South State Route 590, $127,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    9-6-13 Charles E. Boyk to Kimberly A. Beggs, 210 South Robinson Drive, $52,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    9-3-13 William and Dorothy Jilek to Jay A. and Renee M. Krebs, Unit G-1 Grande Lake Villas Condo, $22,000.

    9-6-13 David N. Oberle to Pedro Arellano, 215 West Third Street, $94,900. 

Portage Township

    9-3-13 Matthew C. Statler to Charles J. Walters, Unit 218 Catawba Storage Units, $35,000.

Salem Township

    9-4-13 Larry C. and Cheryl Dohy to Timothy D. and Kathleen K. Pratt, 9629 West State Route 163, $78,500.

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