Real estate transfers

Allen Township

7-3-13 Rogelio and Erlinda Flores to Dustin R. Alexander, 6591 North Bellflower, $30,000.
7-3-13 Thomas W. and Jill E. Keller to Paul D. Hemmert, 22252 West Clover Lane, $224,000.

Benton Township

7-3-13 Glenn and Marcia Kersten to Stephen E. and Frances M. Brown, 1797 West Trowbridge Road, $136,500.

Carroll Township

7-2-13 Gary and Phyllis Skeel to Monica and Annette Phillips, 9660 West Hollywood Drive, $225,000.

Clay Township

7-3-13 Norman G. and Jeanne M. Smith to Vance W. Allred, 19551 West Whitney Road, $156,000.

Catawba Township

7-2-13 Harbor’s Edge Development II to Kimberly Schluter Hilcox, 4750 Tradewinds Drive, $385,790.
7-3-13 Barton P. and Sandra H. VanHoose to Jack C. and Patricia Ann Dean, lot 32 Wildwood, $23,000.
7-3-13 Ralph J. and Irma M. Hammer to Bruno and Cynthia M. Zottola, 3913 NE Catawba Road, $205,000.

Danbury Township

7-1-13 John R. and Kimberly A. Miraldi to Maura Zagrans, 620 Maple Street, $300,000.
7-2-13 Sandra J. and Allan E. Schiefer to James Michael Cauley and Melinda M. Crall-Cauley, 5830 Sweetbriar Lane, $140,000.
7-3-13 Franklin Kehres and John Missler to Alan Binsack, 8558 Williams Avenue, $105,000.
7-5-13 Nancy Sandler to Van and Rosemary Spears, 310 East Fifth Street, $205,000.

Genoa Corp.

7-1-13 Fannie Mae to 507 Real Estate LLC, 904 Main Street, $41,259.
7-1-13 Mark and Marilyn Widman to David M. Hadley, 921 MainStreet, $91,000.

Harris Township

7-1-13 Richard H. Bruntz to Rothert Farm Inc.,West State Route 51, vacant land $700,000.

Marblehead Corp

7-1-13 Roy and Jeannette Niederlander to Roger and Brenda Snyder, 11106 East Bayshore, $180,000.
7-3-13 Bruce A. and Karen E. Libey to Mabbey LLC, 3452 South Memorial Shoreway, $869,000.
7-3-13 Bruce A. and Karen E. Libey to Mabbey LLC, 3465 South Memorial Shoreway, $125,000.
7-3-13 R. Andrew and Patricia M. Schiesswohl to Anne H. Chasser, 10941 North Bay Point Unit 306B, $217,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

7-1-13 Agnes Yeckley to Shane Blessing and Jaron Caldwell, 335 Superior Court, $22,000.
7-3-13 Gerald and Carolyn Howerth to Maurice and Betty Fox, 205 Alice Street, $84,000.
7-3-13 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Arin L. Dooley, 537 West 3rd Street, $17,000.
7-5-13 JP Morgan Chase Bank to Marty and Kristina VonBurg, 812 East Third Street, $26,000.
7-5-13 Charles and Jacqueline Everly to Levi and Sarah Joseph, 120 East Sixth Street, $57,000.

Portage Township

7-2-13 John and Dorothy Fryman to Joseph L. Fryman, 2629 State Route 163, $4,000.
7-2-13 Hickory Farms, Inc. to Wahlrich Management LLC, 1944 East Sate Street, $100,000.

Put In Bay Village School

7-2-13 Stoney Lakeview Family LLC to Scott D. and Ruthanne V. McGookey, 157 Lakeview Drive, $295,000.
7-2-13 Richard N. Gump to Patrick Myers, Mitchell Road, new split $35,000.
7-2-13 Richard N. Gump to Mark Nemec, 820 Mitchell Road, $150,000.

Salem Township

7-1-13 Judith A. Below to Windseed Capital Management LLC, 9428 West State Route 163, $100,000.
7-3-13 Fannie Mae to Daniel Bowen, 12534 West State Route 163, $56,000.

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