Real estate transfers

Bay Township

6-17-13 Lois Diedrich to John M. and Jane E. Hopfinger, 5741 Oak Harbor SE Road, $200,000.

6-17-13 Pamela K. Hagerty and Linda S. Thayer and Donald F. Petersen, 4200 West Fremont Road, $160,000.

Catawba Township

6-18-13 Douglas M. Asbury to Andrew Halleck and Tony Kramp, Unit W-107 Come Sail Away, $4,995.

6-19-13 Cathleen M. Celek to John and Patricia Cleary, 2645 East Sand Road, $472,000.

Clay Township

6-21-13 Rideout Apartments to Keith H. Lenz and Russell W. Lenz and Karen L. Lenz, West State Route 163, $584,950.

Danbury Township

6-17-13 Michael L. Clark to Dennis and Lorraine Studer, 380 South Deerwood Court, $96,500.

6-24-13 Gerald S. Leeseburg to James and Angela Leeseberg, 160 North Riedmaier Drive, $162,000.

Genoa Corp.

6-19-13 Margaret A. Colvin to Federal National Mortgage Association, 206 West 6th Street, $16,667.

Harris Township

6-24-13 Suzette M. Netcher to Jacob E. and Katherine M. Huss, 3282 South Dischinger Road, $165,000.

Marblehead Corp

6-18-13 Gregory N. and Susan E. Deerhake to Jason P. and Julianne N. Lee, 1209 Prairie Street, $238,000.

6-18-13 Dean Timmons to Paul and Celeste Smith, 1306 Fourth Street, $182,000.

6-21-13 Charles J. Farrell to Carol L. McNamara, 3754 Memorial Shoreway, $310,750.

Port Clinton Corp.

6-17-13 Robert and Lanette Armbruster to Islander Properties LLC, 509 Lakeshore Drive, $125,000.

6-17-13 Alana and Joseph Labine to Joe A. Harder and Heather L. Barnette, 428 East Seventh Street, $72,000.

6-18-13 Lynn Carder and Richard W. Heintschel to Jeffrey A. and Amy S. Dies, 47 Grande Lake Drive, $150,000.

6-18-13 Elizabeth Velliquette to South Bass Investment Group LLC, 311 & 313 East Third Street, $60,000.

6-19-13 Federal National Mortgage association to Michael and Leslie Benton, 720 East Fifth Street, $20,413.

6-20-13 Donald and Georgianne Dostal to Lucas Johnson, 511 West Sixth Street, $143,000.

Put In Bay Corp

6-19-13 Tim J. Remlinger to Angela Greene, 1315 North Shore Drive, $215,000.

Salem Township

6-17-13 Martin and Marueen Farkas to Myong and Chong Choe, 8856 West State Route 163, $85,000.

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