Real Estate Transfers

Allen Twp
11-6-12 Douglas E. and Pamela M. Kadlick to Brian E. and Ellen A. Brazelton, 6240 North Old Stone Trail, $31,000.

Benton Twp
11-8-12 Thomas E. and Joyce A. Osborn to Thomas M. Gulvas, Elliston Trowbridge Road, vacant land $1,500.
Bay Twp
11-5-12 Roger and Diane Wright to Paul Rutherford Sr. and Diane Rutherford, 2430 West Sandy Lane, $89,000.
Carroll Twp
11-7-12 Lucinda Marten Pitts to Dale Steyer, 6501 North Harris Harbor Drive, $60,000.
Catawba Twp
11-7-12 John G. and Marlene J. Choban to John A. and Victoria K. Shumaker, 1591 Starboard, $105,000.
11-8-12 Eleanor A. Kempisty to Alan C. and Diane E. Wilhelm, 5202 East Charles Lane, $90,000.
Clay Twp
11-5-12 Leonard F. Camper Jr. to Kevin M. Fox et al, State Route 51, $251,000.
11-6-12 Fannie Mae to Criss R. Benefield, 1271 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $96,000.
11-7-12 Josephine F. Villareal to Kenneth L. Wise, 23862 West Meadow Drive, $60,000.
11-8-12 Robert M. Louy Jr. and Cynthia L. Louy to Daniel J. and Melissa L. Auxter, 20236 West Hollis East Road, $190,000.
Danbury Twp
11-5-12 Bar Harbor Reserve to William McCarthy and Deborah Biem-McCarthy, 8149 Reserve Way, $150,000.
11-5-12 Bar Harbor Reserve LLC to Kevin and Pamela Vogel Unit 1-10 Bar Harbor Reserve, $47,500.
11-5-12 Bar Harbor Reserve LLC to Joel and Kristi Lorenz, Unit 1-6 Bar Harbor Reserve, $47,500.
11-9-12 Bar Harbor Reserve LLC to Bay Shoreline LLC, various parcels Bar Harbor, $25,000.
11-9-12 Bar Harbor Reserve LLC to Bar Harbor Properties LLC, various parcels Bar Harbor, $150,000.
Elmore Corp
11-9-12 William L. Weis to Mary Sue James et al, 322 East Rice, partial interest, $20,000.
Genoa Corp
11-9-12 Elaine M. Zimmerman to Roland A. and Marilyn Henderson, 808 Cherry Street, $55,000.
Marblehead Corp
11-5-12 Mya K. Campbell to Lucille G. and John M. Parsell, 10654 East Bayshore Road #77, $235,000.
11-6-12 Bay Point Acquisition LLC to North Marsh Ltd, 126 Bay Breeze Drive, $279,900.
11-8-12 Bay Point Acquisition LLC to Pamela H. Tanchon, 465 Bay Point Blvd., $460,000.
11-8-12 Bay Point Acquisition LLC to Catawba Island Post & Beam LLC, 114 Bay Breeze, $279,900.
Port Clinton City
11-5-12 William R. Babione to Mike Banks, 517 Madison Street, $93,300.
11-5-12 Marian Rasmussen to Michelle M. Maringer, 516 Adams Street, $75,000.
11-8-12 The Bank Of New York Mellon to Hogar Community Reinvestment LLC, 505 West Second Street, $50,940.
11-8-12 Robert J. Moore to Federal National Mortgage Association, 708 Bataan Lane, $33,334.
11-8-12 Jeremy M. Gonzalez to Federal National Mortgage Association, 328-330 Superior Court, $16,667.
11-9-12 Richard Celek to Gerald and Linda Heschel, 508 East 11th Street, $130,000.
Portage Twp
11-7-12 Kelly R. Weber to Kally A. and Stephen C. Shumaker, 2232 Sand Road, $232,000.
11-8-12 Robert C. and Marlene A. Ford to Fresh Water Capital LLC, Unit 118 Catawba Storage, $38,500.
11-9-12 Gribble Insurane Agency to Lynette and Barry Kroeger, Catawba Storage Unit 203, $37,000.
Put In Bay
Village School
11-5-12 Edward C. and Sally A. Hesseman to Carmen Fiarilli, 786 Duff Road, $510,000.
Rocky Ridge
11-7-12 Samuel C. Rose and Brenda S. Fastinger to Donald B. and Rita L. Buehler, 1137 East Main Street, $7,550.
11-8-12 Raymond C. and Lisa B. Cousino to John Pokrzywa, 641 North State Route 590, $52,500.
Salem Twp
11-9-12 Tracy E. Bailey to Carol J. Sandrock, 8929 West State Route 163, $110,000.

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