Real estate transfers

Allen Township
    8-24-12 James and Rebecca Taylor to Duane C and Jennifer K. Heinze, 7134 North Cedar Street, $171,000.
    8-30-12 Joanne M. Wheeler to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 24056 West Young Road, $86,667.

Benton Township
    8-30-12 The Home Savings & Loan, to Edward G. Patrick Jr., 13275 West Kolb Road, $102,400.

Rocky Ridge Corp.
   8-30-12 Charles E. and Coletta S. Chasteen to 21st Mortgage Corporation, 910 North Lickert Harder Road, $28,667.

Bay Township
    8-28-12 Betty S. Parker to Patrick L. and Janine H. Hoffman, 685 Streeter Street, $130,000.

Carroll Township
    8-23-12 Lois A. Hurrell to Sarah A. and Chad A. Thompson, 7225 West Toussaint Club Road, $15,500.
    8-24-12 Robert C. and Gloria J. Walter to Craig and Robin Stiles, 6585 Califorina Drive, $36,000.
    8-27-12 Lorayne McCaughtry, Nancy J. Menke and Luann Cramer to John H. and Scarlet Dosh, 6815 North Joan Avenue, $100,000.
    8-27-12 Randall W. and Christine M. Roth to Robert A. and Kristen M. Witt, 10120 West Locust Point Road, $30,000.

Clay Township
    8-21-12 First Federal Bank of the Midwest to Nathan T. Van Ness, 2275 North First Street, $25,000.
    8-30-12 Patrick Robinson Sr. to Lawrence J. Miller, 2706 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $125,000.

Catawba Township
    8-20-12 Mark D. and Kayleen S. Lee to Janice L. Viau, 1763 NE Catawba Road #224, $48,900.
    8-21-12 Russell D. Smith to Fannie Mae, 2720 East Sand Road, $98,000.
    8-22-12 Peggy J. Wear to Jerry V. and Michele A. Benko, 1763 NE Catawba Road #232, $72,500.
    8-23-12 Brian L. and Nancy M. Caldwell to James D. Brennan, East Commodore Drive, $6,200.
    8-23-12 Steven and Michele Wallace to Terrance and Carol Dean, 1541 North Anchor Avenue, $304,500.
    8-23-12 Richard L. McCally to Tim D. and Holly L. Amidon, 613 North Hidden Harbor Drive, $247,500.
    8-23-12 John E. Koher and Russell B. Walcher to Roger J. Riachi, 3376 North Karwood, $314,000.
    8-24-12 Marydana Johns to Myrna A. Pastore, 4730 East Cliff Road, $349,000.
    8-30-12 Gary Weimerskirch and Betsy Hancock to Anne M. Wojton, 5846 East Peach Street, $157,000.
    8-30-12 Bank of America to Sean K. Williams, 5931 East Basin Drive, $325,000.
    8-31-12 Davenport Real Estate LLC to Raymond A. and Diane M. Young, 823 North Falling Waters, $45,000.
    8-31-12 Louis and Cynthia Ball to Micheal and Tracy Westerfeld, 180 North Crest Drive, $170,000.
    8-31-12 James B. and Charmin Smith to William L. and Kathleen S. Osborne, 2695 North Canterbury Circle, Unit C, $265,000.
    8-31-12 Elizabeth Vasas to James and Lori Young, 2255 Helsman Drive, $120,000.
    8-31-12 Jacquelyn Russak to Michelle Lyke, 1384 North McCoy Avenue, $49,000.
    8-31-12 Stephen and Renee McClellan to Gary and Barbara Hatton, 2820-A Canterbury Circle, $205,000.

Danbury Township
    8-20-12 Susan Scheutzow to James P. Ohlin, 533 Vine Street, $236,500.
    8-20-12 John Wuorinen and Elizabeth Nusken to Jerri Lybarger and Milton Lewis, 530 Cedar Street, $181,500.
     8-21-12 Steffanie Norris to Curtis and Johanna Knoch, vacant lot Port Clinton Eastern Road, $115,000.
    8-27-12 Kathryn O. and Scott J. Venema to Robert H. Huntington and Susan M. McCafferty, 629 Maple Avenue, $290,000.
    8-27-12 Gardner L. and Cynthia J. Bandfield to Daniel P. and Denise A. McManamon, 2293 Harbor Bay, $70,000.
    8-29-12 Habitat for Humanity to Christian A. Mahler, 7223 East Tanglewood Drive, $102,500.
    8-29-12 Robert J. Kurant and Ruth A. Mazur to Brett E. and Cari A. Beers, 361 North Hidden Beach, $65,000.
    8-30-12 Paul Flickinger to Larry and Barbara Uland, 97 North Margaret Drive, $116,500.
    8-30-12 Warren E. Kirwin to Alan and Kimberly Diefenthaler, 2418 Knob Hill, $120,000.
   8-31-12 Rebecca R. Price to Charles L. and Carol Ann Arntz, 358 North Lighthouse Oval, $137,000.
   8-31-12 James Greetham Jr. to John and Kimberly Miraldi, 826 East Second Street, $335,000.
  8-31-12 Ronald and Great DeWalt to Elizabeth A. Kesterson, 1070 North Buck Road, $20,000.

Marblehead Corp
    8-20-12 The Old Fort Banking Company to Larz, LLC, 812 East Main Street, $495,000.
    8-20-12 Joseph R. Leach to Ronald R. and Monte Rybarczyk, 3854 South Memorial Shoreway, $489,000.
    8-21-12 Toni Dagg and William Warnecke to Matthew and Juana Barrow, 3646 Confederate Drive, $590,000.
    8-31-12 Bay Point Acquisition LLC to Kerry R. and Maria P. Kessel, 493 Bay Point Blvd., $460,000.

Elmore Corp.
    8-31-12 Bill’s Masonry Inc. to Robert Allen Herrig Sr. and Deborah Lou Herrig, Ottawa Street, $3,000.

Erie Township
    8-22-12 Catherine J. Vollmer to Jamie M. Ashton, 539 North Carroll-Erie Road, $43,000.
    8-22-12 Daniel E. Preston to John D. Snyder, 3750 Vickery Road, $53,800.
    8-24-12 Lori Debacco to Peggy and Donald Shaw, 1229 West Lakeshore Drive, $269,300.

Port Clinton City

    8-21-12 Curtis Knoch to Joshua Terry, 212 East Fourth Street, $106,500.
    8-23-12 Michael J. and Gail L. Barker to Federal National Mortgage Association, 720 East Fifth Street, $40,000.
    8-23-12 Heineman Properties of Port Clinton LLC to Catherine Volmar, 331 West Fourth Street, $30,000.
    8-27-12 Christopher and Laura George to Jeffrey S. Nemeck, 749 Clinton Street, $133,500.
    8-30-12 Mary Lynne Hugert to Louis Brian and Annie R. Hild, 1004 Jefferson Street, $139,000.
    8-31-12 Lawrence Hamann Jr. To Daniel and Adelina, 316 Walnut Street, $43,000.

Put In Bay Village School

    8-24-12 Lynne E. Pape to Cherilyn M. Scurtz and Jacob N. Maciejewski, 1602 Airline Drive, $366,000.
    8-27-12 John R. Donahue to Mark Mathys, 1230 Tri Motor Unit 2 & 6, $100,000.
    8-27-12 John R. Donahue to Paul Jeris, 1230 Tri Motor Unit 3, $50,000.
    8-27-12 John R. Donahue to Paul Jeris, 1230 Tri Motor Unit 7, $50,000. 

Put In Bay Corp.
    8-29-12 PIB Homes LLC to Commodore Resorts, lot 7, $300,000.

Salem Township
    8-30-12 Donna G. and Glenn H. Witter et al to Federal Home loan Mortgage Corporation, 344 North Leutz Road, $10,000.

Oak Harbor Corp.
    8-31-12 Huntington National Bank to Eric Kaiser, 188 Coopers Trail, $186,000.
    8-28-12 Steven P. and Lisa G. Slomsky to Paul E. and Patricia G. Coutcher, 209 South Robinson Drive, $162,000.

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