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United States Mint, National Park Service launch America the Beautiful Quarters® Coin honoring Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

 The United States Mint and the National Park Service joined state and local officials in the village of Put-In-Bay Saturday for the launch of the latest America the Beautiful Quarters coin, which honors Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. The quarter pays tribute to the memorial which honors Master Commandant Oliver Perry’s decisive naval victory in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812 and celebrates the lasting peace among Britain, Canada, and the United States.

“Today we celebrate a national park that is small in acreage but significant in American history, a memorial to those who fought in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812, a piece of Ohio and American heritage in a setting of extraordinary natural beauty,” said United States Mint Acting Associate Director for Sales and Marketing J. Marc Landry.  “It is easy to see why the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial was chosen to be part of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.”   

Cakes by Sue Thwait for the launch party at Put-in-Bay. Photo by Jeff Koehler

Landry and memorial Superintendent Blanca Alvarez Stransky were joined by special guests U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur; Put-in-Bay Mayor Ruth Scarpelli; and President/General Manager Greg Peiffer of WPIB/WPCR radio, who served as master of ceremonies. After the launch event, attendees were able to purchase $10 rolls of newly minted Perry’s Victory quarters. 

The Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial quarter is the 17th coin released in the United States Mint's America the Beautiful Quarters Program. The Mint also has available for sale silver bullion coins that are duplicates of the United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters. The bullion coins are made of .999 fine silver and have a diameter of three inches and weigh five ounces. Uncirculated quality (collector) versions are also available. The Mint’s online catalogue is General circulation Perry’s Victory quarters are available at local banks. 

Landry, who is also plant manager of the Philadelphia Mint, the largest mint in the world, also hosted a coin forum on Friday evening at Lake Erie Shores and Islands Welcome Center in Port Clinton. Local residents and numismatists (those who study and collect coins) gathered to discuss U.S. coinage and learn about United States Mint coin programs and initiatives. Collectors from around the country were in town the coin launch and forum. 

U.S. Mint’s Marc Landry with American Eagle proof silver dollar

From the forum

To learn the value of collectable coins

Coin World, the weekly magazine that is widely regarded as the world’s premium resource for coin and paper money collectors, is headquartered in Ohio. Several of the Sydney-based magazine’s staff were in attendance at the forum and launch. 

News Editor Bill Gibbs grew up in Castalia and studied journalism at Bowling Green State University. Gibbs started collecting coins when he was 10 years old and subscribed to Coin World. After graduating with a degree in journalism at Bowling Green State University, Gibbs “landed my dream job (with Coin World), combining my interests in coins and journalism.”

To give a collectible coin as a gift: 

There are many gift options, cards and sets available from the U.S. Mint.  Landry recommends “The American Eagle proof silver dollar. It is a beautiful coin.” A proof coin is one that used to be struck as a sample, but now is struck in greater numbers for collectors. The molds are specially prepared and the coins have sharper edges and more polished, mirror-like surfaces. The manufacturing process is slow and meticulous.

To learn or teach more about coin collecting:

Coin World’s Jeff Starck says that the American the Beautiful quarters are a great way “to introduce the national lands to those who own them.” Starck, whose specialty is international coins and currency, said, “Coins are like history in your hands. They combine components of art, history and economics.You can see the fortunes and fames of rulers throughout history in coins.” The size and composition of coins often change as a country’s fortunes rise and fall. 

Information for kids and lesson plans are available for the America the Beautiful coins at The Mint is actively working on programs to create products that appeal to young collectors. 

To submit a design for a coin:

The Mint is currently conducting a design contest for the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame coin. There is an adult and a children’s contest. 

How much does it cost to make a penny?

It costs 1.83 cents to make a penny. 66 % of all coins the Mint makes are pennies. Nickels also cost more to make than their face value. Other coins help to make up for deficit, so the Mint is profitable. 

Why haven’t dollar coins been more popular?

It is Landry’s opinion that “dollar coins won’t be used until or if the dollar bill is discontinued.”

How is the coin business doing in this economy?

Participants at the forum agreed that the coin business is thriving and setting records. Recently, one coin sold for a record $10 million. That 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar is thought to be the first ever silver dollar struck in the United States.



United States Mint and National Park Service launch Memorial Quarter

Representatives from the United States Mint and the National Park Service on Saturday, April 20, will host a launch ceremony for the new America the Beautiful Quarters® Program coin honoring Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial.

The free event, which is open to the public, will take place at the Niagara Events Center, 71 Concord Ave. in the Village of Put-In-Bay at 11:30 a.m. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur will be on hand to help celebrate the coin’s release. The event will culminate in a coin exchange, where the public can swap (at face value) their cash for $10 rolls of new quarters bearing the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial design.

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