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Heineman’s Winery: the oldest family owned and operated winery in Ohio

For 126 years, Heineman’s Winery has been owned and operated by the Heineman family on Put-in-Bay. In 1888 when Gustav Heineman founded the winery, there were 17 wineries on Put-in-Bay. Now there remains one functioning winery: Heineman’s. It is the oldest family owned and operated winery in Ohio.

During the time of prohibition, which was 1920-1933, most of the wineries on Put-in-Bay closed. Heineman’s Winery stayed open selling grape juice and offering tours of the many caves on Put-in-Bay with taxi service included. At that time there were three caves that the Heineman family managed: Crystal Cave (which is still functioning today), Mammoth Cave and Paradise Cave.


Miller Ferry going green

Over the Fourth of July weekend, most passengers aboard the Miller Ferry showed off the familiar red, white and blue showcasing their patriotism.  The actual ferry boat itself however, will be showing off quite a different color: Green. 

In an effort to make their fleet more energy efficient and lower emissions, Miller Boat Line is proud to announce that they will now be using a 10% biofuel blend in two of their passenger/vehicle ferries hoping to someday increase that ferry number to four. 


Pyrate Fest invades Put-in-Bay

Caption: Nicole DeFreitas, Ty Winchester and Felipe Sanchez all worked hard, together, to help make this event a success.

This year the sixth annual Pyrate Fest took place on Put-in-Bay June 20-23. 60 historical re-enactors from six states participated in the events. The festival kicks off starting with an invasion of pirates led by Pyrate King Mad Dog and his ruthless crew. There are many festivities over the weekend, even a Pyrate Costume Contest with a dream vacation prize.

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