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Zombies take to the street of Port Clinton


Best couple winners The Wolcotts: lighthouse keepers

On Saturday, October 25, Main Street Port Clinton held its third annual Zombie Pub Crawl and Ball presented by Heidelberg Distributing. Seven local businesses (Bait House, Cielo Grande, Clinton House, McCarthy’s, Mr. Ed’s Rosie’s and Slater’s Madison Street Pub) were stops on the crawl. Each business held specials for the event and were incredible accommodating to the undead. 195 tickets were sold for the event.


Vote no on Issue 6 supporters fill council chamber Tuesday

At the Port Clinton City Council meeting Tuesday, October 28, vote no on Issue 6 supporters filled the council chambers to show the administration their support. At 6:30 p.m. there was standing room only already for the meeting that started at 7:30 p.m. 

The meeting was called to order by Port Clinton City Council President Linda Hartlaub with a disclaimer: “I see there is an unusual amount of people signed up to speak at tonight’s meeting. I expect everyone to act with politeness; no yaying or booing when people speak. I ask you to behave, this is a formal meeting.”


In response to Rick Noderer’s letter to Liberty Aviation Museum

Recently I was dismayed to receive an email from Port Clinton resident and CORD political activist Rick Noderer. In his email he addressed his displeasure over the Liberty Aviation Museum taking a stand concerning Issue 6, and accusing the museum of being a political organization. He ended his email by saying that he could not patronize a business that had political views contrary to his own.

In response to Mr. Noderer’s comments I wish to say first off I respect the opinions and ideologies of others even if they are contrary to my own. Mr. Noderer apparently does not embrace similar thinking. He can openly voice his own opinion, yet does not wish for others to speak their mind in opposition. Because of this difference of opinion he threatens to no longer patronize a local business. A business has just as much right to express their views just as much as the individual in this Country.

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