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Council-at-Large’s opinion on Issue 6

Issue 6 is not about voting for or against condos; voting for or against parks; voting for or against tourism; or even about having or not having the right to vote.  Voting No on Issue 6 is about voting for our future and the future of the City of Port Clinton.


Mole Day at Port Clinton High School

Port Clinton High School Chemistry students, Ben Mueller and Jake Depner, create a “mole” from a mole of aluminum foil in Mrs. Nichole Wiechman’s classroom for Mole Day on October 23. 

October 23 was Mole Day at Port Clinton High School.  Not a day honoring a small burrowing animal, but a day declared by Chemistry teacher Mrs. Nichole Wiechman to celebrate Avogadro’s number  6.02 x 1023.


Port Clinton President of Council's stance on Issue 6

To the citizens of Port Clinton,

I am voting no on issue 6 because as a citizen of Port Clinton I want to see Port Clinton prosper and move forward.

As President of Council I have no vote but I am confident in the members to research, analyze and choose what is best for the city of Port Clinton.

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