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On the record with Port Clinton Mayor Vince Leone

This month Port Clinton Mayor Vince Leone wanted to let the community know the events that unfolded concerning the Senior Center and how he and the administration are moving forward to follow safety and insurance guidelines.

“We have done several projects to improve the environment at the Senior Center; work on the outside of the building, hand rails, leveled ground for the patio and updated the restrooms. We also received Stensen Grant Funds for ADA compliant outside furniture, three trees were planted by the Tree Commission with help from the Boy scouts on Arbor Day and we received funding from solid waste management for planters; we are making serious improvements to make the Senior Center better for our seniors.


Your vote is (was) your choice

I write in response to Mr. Gary Philabaum’s September 9th letter titled, “Your vote is your choice.”   

Mr. Philabaum implied that the recent change to the meeting agenda prevents Council from hearing what people have to say.  To what is he referring?  Are we making the audience prove U.S. citizenship or PC residency to speak a single word – that’s got to be it, right?  Hardly.     

Council voted to move public comments from agenda item #19 up to #7.   That’s at the top of the meeting, after roll call and before the mayor’s report.  Remember, according to Philabaum, “It is unclear why council would not want to hear what the people have to say about what they are doing.”   We are.

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