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Are the citizens misrepresented or have they spoken?

When questions from the audience were taken at Tuesday night’s Port Clinton City Council meeting, some interesting discussion occurred between resident and C.O.R.D. (Citizens Organized for Responsible Development) member Don Finke and Councilman Mike Snider. Finke addressed council asking if they thought citizens should have a right to vote on the sale or lease of City park land (referring to the C.O.R.D. petition that is circulating about the subject). 


Port Clinton City Schools Announces Terrific Kids for April and May 2014

In cooperation with the Port Clinton Kiwanis Club, Port Clinton City Schools recognizes outstanding elementary students as Terrific Kids.  Terrific Kids are selected in each class once a month to recognize students for working to the best of their ability to improve academic performance, behavior, relationships with peers, displays honesty, or attendance.  The following have been honored as Terrific Kids in April and May 2014.

Bataan Primary

Ginger Blackert, Caleb Spencer, Jacqueline Libben, Logan  Cruz, Dylan Rehder, Aiden Finn, Jessica Weeks, Madelyn Shobe, Kayden Thebeau, Molly Gedeon, Aurora Fillmore, Jeremy Cook, Nora Rosario, Maddy Cornell, Aaliyah Wilson, Anthany Kaufman, Ryan Caris, Gabriel Quintero, Tabitha Duncan, Abbie Ferguson, Dashaun Gilmer, Jasmine Hicks, Branden Ramsey, Jandi Torres, Reagan Ruthsatz, Kaylie Simpson, David Zielske.

Bataan Intermediate

Mya Curry, Serenity Dague, Carlito Otero, Alliyah Wharton, Nicholas Elson, Alyssa Libben, Rebekah Clark, Rogue Moyer, Hunter Bechtel, Rebekah Nehls, Alexis Spears, Anthony Aukerman, Brooke McLaughlin, Dillon Ringeisen, Aubrianna Wylie, William Brooks, Jasmine Karshuk, Isabellah Craig, Andrew Miller, Da’Monte Valle, Treselle Young, Ben Bowens, Angelica Whiting, Carson Snyder, Carly Robinette, Lysette Auvil, Jordan Spencer, Annaliese Mincer, Katerina Fillmore, Austin Helton, Brooke Martinez, Lilly Howell, Paige Zibert, Noah Shaw, Megan Bolyard, Cameron Kessler, Carter Sartin.


PCMS 29th Annual Convocation Ceremony

Port Clinton Middle School grade 8 student, Grace Walters, receives here certificate of achievement from Mrs. Carrie Sanchez, Principal, at the 29th Annual Port Clinton Middle School Convocation. 

On Thursday, June 5, the Port Clinton Middle School held its 29th Annual Convocation Awards Ceremony at the Port Clinton High School Performing Arts Center.  Along with recognizing the Fleet 8 students, the many achievements of the middle school students for the 2013-2014 school year were also honored.  

Principal’s Award of Distinction:  Blake Kelly

Outstanding Achievement in Athletics and Academics:  Jadan Rogers and Isabelle Rospert

Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award:  Blake Kelly and Paige Steyer

OHSAA Award of Excellence:  Jared Depner

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