Recruiting volunteers for area preschools

A volunteer reader plays an important role in increasing a child’s academic success and engagement in learning.  That’s why United Way, Ida Rupp Public Library, Ottawa County Family and Children First Council, and Port Clinton News Herald have teamed up to recruit 100 readers for preschool classrooms in Genoa, Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, and Marblehead.

The commitment is one or two hours a month.  Local preschool staff have learned to work around snowbird schedules.

Ida Rupp is offering training for volunteers two times in October:  Monday, October 6 2-4 p.m. and Tuesday, October 7 10 a.m.-12 p.m.  Contact United Way at 419.734.6645 or call Terri, 419.732.3212, at the library to register.  Help introduce children to books and to expand their vocabularies. We all benefit when kids succeed in school.


Liberty Aviation Museum Hosts Final Reunion 

“There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer” wrote Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle about the 80 volunteers who accompanied him on his famous raid to Tokyo in April 1942.  The “Doolittle Raid” occurred only 4 months after the United States was propelled into WWII by Japan’s surprise attack of Pearl Harbor, and immortalized in two Hollywood movies –Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo and Pearl Harbor. Those men all volunteered for that mission, they did not have to step up, but they did.  General Doolittle would be pleased to know this same spirit is still alive and will be demonstrated at the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio on Saturday, September 27.  Family members and friends of the Lake Erie Warbirds and Liberty Aviation Museum have  “volunteered” their own time and cash to throw one last gathering & final reunion of a select group of WWII naval aviators.


Braves football team open house and bake sale

The Port Clinton Braves football team will be holding an open house/bake sale this Sunday, September 28, at Tru-Lay Stadium during their game. The fourth and fifth grade team plays at 1 p.m. and the sixth grade plays at 3 p.m. They play Fremont YMCA.

All are encouraged to come out and support the future of the Redskins football team. All proceeds will go back to the football program.


Great fall fishing ahead

The nights are getting cooler, the grass is growing slower, the annual plantings are blooming less, and all are tell tale signs that the summer season is coming to an end. The fall colors are starting to emerge, and that can mean only one thing in regards to fishing on Lake Erie; it’s only going to get better!

As you know, in the spring we have the most enviable fishery in the country on this end of the lake, but towards the end of summer, most of our big walleye are over on the east end in deeper waters, leaving us to struggle to find the smaller pods of walleye that stayed around . Come fall, those big fish will start returning to the Huron and Vermilion areas in large numbers. They haven’t quite started their return yet, but it shouldn’t be long, now that the water temperatures are starting to drop. As of yesterday, the water temps around the island area were still in the 68 degree range, but with our cooler nights and days, it shouldn’t take long for the lake to cool, and get those walleye moving this way again.


Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge offering Auto Tour

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge is inviting people to drive through seven miles of the refuge that are normally closed to the public. The auto tour starts at 8 a.m. and entrance gate closes at 4 p.m. The auto tour will be open Sunday, September 28 and Sunday, October 19.


Port Clinton Friends of the Cemeteries holding upcoming fundraisers

The Port Clinton Friends of the Cemeteries is a non-profit group that formed almost seven years ago. The group works with the City of Port Clinton for the betterment and beautification of the cemeteries. The mission statement of the Friends of the Cemeteries is to ensure that all properties around and within the perimeter of all the cemeteries are always worthy of those who lie within them.

Since their formation, the friends have completed many projects: the mausoleum in Lakeview Cemetery has had new window and ceiling work, recycled trash receptacles from the City were given to the friends and they laid the cement foundation for the receptacles, landscaping at the entrances and curbs of Lakeview Cemetery have been done, signs for locating loved ones have been color coded and updated at both cemeteries and there has been painting done at Riverview Cemetery. 


Magruder Hospital adult flu shot clinics

Magruder Hospital is announcing its flu shot schedule for this year. No appointment is required and the cost is $30 per person. Magruder can bill standard Medicare and some Medicare managed care plans. For pediatric flu vaccinations, please check with your physician or the Ottawa County Health Department.


Absentee ballots available

Pending litigation, absentee ballots will be available for the upcoming November 4 general election beginning Tuesday, September 30, at the Board of Elections office at 8444 West SR 163, Oak Harbor. In office voting will be as follows:


B.I.G. Believe In Girls event September 27

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio invites local girls to participate in their B.I.G. (Believe In Girls) event celebration promoting activities and programs for girls. The B.I.G. event will take place Saturday, September 27, at the Lucas County Recreation Center from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The vast 30,000 square foot space will be filled with dozens of activity booths for girls of all ages.

More than 45 organizations will be in attendance, providing hands on opportunities for girls including:


Friends for Port Clinton fundraiser tonight

Those interested learning more about the implications of Issue 6 on the November general election ballot are invited to attend a fundraiser at the Bait House tonight, September 25, from 6-8 p.m. The money raised at the fundraiser will go towards the voting no campaign being run by Friends for Port Clinton.

There will be a cash bar with free appetizers and Northcoast Cigars will be providing a selection of cigars for the event. Tickets at the event are available for donations of $20, $50 or $100.

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