Port Clinton Police Department takes on Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department Featured

The Port Clinton Police Department and Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department baseball players. All photos by Sara Nelson.

The Port Clinton Police Department (PCPD) played a baseball game against the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) on Saturday, July 12, at Waterworks Park. PCPD beat OCSD 37 to 3 in the game. This is the third game that the PCPD has played this season. The first game, the PCPD took on Ottawa County employees and lost. The second game was against the Port Clinton girls’ varsity softball team and the PCPD lost. The win against the OCSD marks their first win of the season.

“Fifteen years ago PCPD used to play a lot of games,” said Port Clinton Police Chief Rob Hickman. “Ron Timmons and Nate Edmonds got us all playing again. There’s nothing like some friendly competition and we only ever play for bragging rights.”

The next PCPD baseball game will be July 30 at 7:30 p.m. at the Waterworks Park baseball field against the Port Clinton City Service Department.


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