PCHS holds Winter Sports Awards Program

PCHS holds Winter Sports Awards Program

Port Clinton High School held their annual Winter Sports Awards Program on Thursday, March 13. Student athletes, parents and coaches gathered in the PCHS Performing Arts Center to recognize to student-athletes that earned All-SBC or All-District Honors and also SBC All-Academic Awards. After the program, each team had individual breakout sessions or a separate program to present the following special awards: 

Bowling Awards

Girls Bowling was recognized for their OHSAA Sectional Championship, Northern Ohio Bowling Conference and Tournament Champions and a 19-2 season record.  

All Academic Ohio: Darryl Trent, Eryn Binder and Kassidy Mahler. 

NOBC All Conference: Alysia Zoeller, Reilly Wittman and Darryl Trent; 2nd Team: Kassidy Mahler, Samantha Stroupe and Dave Wilburn.

Hi Game Awards: Reilly Wittman, 231, and Darryl Trent, 289. Two Game Series: Reilly Wittman, 418, and Caleb Conrad, 500. Three Game Series: Alysia Zoeller, 584, and Darryl Trent, 649. 

Most Improved: Kassidy Mahler, +19.6pins, and Andy Batterton, +31.4pins. 
Miss Striker: Alysia Zoeller, 38.8%. Mr. Striker: Dave Wilburn, 49.4%.
Miss Baker: Alysia Zoeller, 79.1%. Mr. Baker: Dave Wilburn, 83.3%.
Hi Average: Alysia Zoeller, 170.7, and Darryl Trent, 202.7.
Spare Shooter: Samantha Stroupe, 73.6%, and Dave Wilburn, 71.3%.

Girls Basketball Awards

Top Free Throw Percentage: Tiffany Colston, 80.8%. Top Field Goal Percentage, Tiffany Colston, 58.5%. Most Three Points: Hannah Weaver, 51. Most Assists: Hannah Weaver, 51.

Most Points: Tiffany Colston, 302. Most Steals: Emily Ashley, 46.
Top Rebounder: Tiffany Colston, 169. Three Point Field Goal Record: Hope Thorbahn, 89. 
1000 point Club: Tiffany Colston and Hope Thorbahn.
Team Free Throw Record: 69%. 
Silver Certificates: Emily Ashley and Hannah Weaver.  Gold Certificate: Tiffany Colston. 
SBC Selections: Tiffany Colston, 1st Team; Hannah Weaver and Emily Ashley, 2nd Team.
District 6 Selections: Tiffany Colston, 1st Team; Hannah Weaver and Emily Ashley, Honorable Mention. All Northwest District: Tiffany Colston.
All Ohio: Tiffany Colston, Honorable Mention. 
MVP: Tiffany Colston.

Boys Basketball Awards

Captain Awards: Brock Moore, Ian Kyle, Cameron Rodriguez, Austin Krupp and Dylan Webb.
MVP: Carter Rumball. 
Most Improved: Stefan Daniels.
SBC Honors: Tytan Rumball, 2nd Team; Honorable Mention: Nathan Stubblefield and Carter Rumball.

Swimming & Diving Awards

Captains: Cheyenne Meek, Ty Gallogly and Mckenzie Stine
Most Valuable Swimmers: Cheyenne Meek and Ty Gallogly.
Most Improved: Samantha Schroeder and Shane Meek. 
Coaches’ Award: Mckenzie Stine.
Most Valuable Diver: Emily Zibert.
Most Promising Freshmen: Zach Barr and Brittany Diaz.

Wrestling Awards 

Captain: Zach Smith. 
Tomahawk Award: Kalob Wylie and Andrew Cline.
Most Pins and Takedowns: Tristen Mallory.
MVP: Sal Martell.

Varsity Letter Winners

Girls Basketball: Madison Burris, Tiffany Colston, Paige Culver, Hope Thorbahn, Kristen Wood, Emily Ashley, Kennedy Gulas, Hannah Weaver, Marrisa Day and Bethany Urban.  

Boys Basketball: Brock Moore, Ian Kyle, Cameron Rodriguez, Austin Krupp, Dylan Webb, Carter Rumball, Stefan Daniels, Nathan Stubblefield, Tytan Rumball, Drew Fodor and Stone Scott.

Girls Bowling: Eryn Binder, Kassidy Mahler, Samantha Stroupe, Alysia Zoeller, Reilly Wittman, Katelyn Chapman and Jozlynn Seamon.

Boys Bowling: Dave Wilburn, Darryl Trent, Caleb Conrad, Jacob Reed, Andy Batterton, Mark Anthony Rogers, Kordell Blankenship and Cameron Bice.

Cheerleading: Eryn Nason, Jennifer Salazar, Ashlynn Slauterbeck, Toni Jones, Lauren Wheeler, Camerin Witte and Haley Klima.

Swimming: Zach Baugh, Alayne Herevia, Cheyenne Meek, Meghan O’Neal, Samantha Schroeder, Elise Zeitzheim, Abby Baugh, Tarryn Edgefield, Ty Gallogly, Shane Meek, Marisa Oftedal, Victoria Reiman, Nick Reineck, David Saunders, Allie Schroeder, Mckenzie Stine, Emily Zibert, Alysia Zoeller, Tristan Auxter, Allison Cline, Miranda Herevia, Katelyn Koebel, Alyssa Peto, Emily Shaw, Taylor Steyer, Zach Barr, Brittany Diaz, Natalie Gottron, Thomas Keville, Jacob Koch, Emily Reineck, Rachel Reineck, Hannah Roberts, Abby Sharkey, Ellen Walters and Abbey Weldon. 

Wrestling: Amos Honeycutt, Zach Smith, Logan Palmer, David Douglas, Cameron Sherry, Austin Arnold, Kalob Wylie, Tristen Mallory, Andrew Cline, Eric Wheeler and Sal Martell.

Junior Varsity Letters

Girls Basketball: Sydney Alexander, Adrianna Hall, Ebony Kleinhans, Kasey Swander, Alexis Gabel, Hailey Marez, Arraselia Rangel, Madison White and Taylor Rollins.

Boys Basketball: Jordan Kleinhans, Marcus Hogan, Cal Laurel, Ryan Alexander, Ben Mueller, Max Avis, Jake Gulas, Brad Rich and Kaleb Mizener.

Bowling: Gaven Rogers, Kaylee Vollmer, Shelby Radloff, Cheyenne Eppse, Evan Pope, Alex Camerato and Blaise Hoffman.

Cheerleading: Alex Suter, Maranda Santoya, Lydia Bacon, Morgan Donahue, Katy Wiewandt and Kylie Hurst. 

Swimming: Cydney Bass, Asha Guerra and Abby Waite.

Freshmen Boys Basketball: Joe Brenner, Skyler Cook, Matt Paeth, Dean Colston, Darius Daniels, Adrian Hall, Gunner Reynolds and A.J. Carpenter.

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