Redskin bowlers split with Eastwood

Port Clinton’s Redskin Bowlers traveled to Tri County Bowl in Woodville and split matches with Eastwood. 

The Redskin Boys ended Eastwood’s NOBC Conference title hopes by a 3080-2605 score, including a huge opening game of 1121. Darrel Trent rolled 244, Dave Wilburn 243, Andy Batterton 241,and Kordell Blankenship 221 to lead the first game scoring. Trent added a second game of 247 for a 4912 game series. Batterton added 209 for 450, Wilburn ended with 417 and Blankenship a 386. 

“Our Boys started 0-7 this year, something we couldn’t understand. Now they’ve recovered to 9-11 and are bowling at their highest level in time to make a tournament run,”said Coach Bob Black. “Boys Coach Mike Wittman has been patient and encouraging with them and they have positively responded. I am very happy with their turnaround.” 

Eastwood’s Girls gained a split with a 2585-2568 win, dropping the Lady ‘Skins to 18-2 on the season, and 12-2 in Conference play. Port Clinton can win the Championship with a victory over Gibsonburg at Woodville Monday. 

Reilly Wittman broke out of her slump with games of 184-183. Kassidy Mahler rolled 178-188, Alysia Zoeller 190-170, and Eryn Binder 189-165 for the Lady ‘Skins. 

“I am very happy for the girls to return to their shot-making after struggling the last two weeks,” said Black. “We were seven pins off the school record, and had our chances to win but couldn’t quite close it out. We’ve lost two and almost broke the school record each time so we’re losing to high scores. Eryn bowled maybe her best match ever. Reilly threw strikes and made spares again. Kassidy continued her good bowling. Alysia was solid and bowling better. Sam Stroupe is struggling a little now but has been our best spare shooter all year. Jozlynn Seamon and Katelyn Chapman have been very good in backup roles. I feel we’re ready for a good tournament run. I am very proud of how they played tonight.”

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