What happened to my swan friends?

What happened to my swan friends?

I do not want to ruffle anyone’s feathers but I have to say that I miss seeing the swans, particularly the ones that hung out in West Harbor and the hundred or so that enjoyed their lives in the bay behind Nagoya at Rt. 53 going out on Catawba Island.  Every year I look forward to seeing my swan friend “Sammy” and his wife “Samantha” bring their young family to my deck.  I fed them every day, sometimes 5 times a day. Some years they brought 5 to 7 babies and other years less but it always signaled spring was here. This year Sammy came one time in the early spring and then he and the rest of the hundred or so swans disappeared.  I have heard and I know it was true that it was a very hard winter on them and many died.  However, they were here for a short time and then they mysteriously disappeared.  I did see two lone ones this past weekend in East Harbor but something tells me they won’t last long. 

I do think I know what happened to them and it wasn’t pretty.  Maybe they are a big nuisance but many of us thoroughly enjoyed seeing them.  They added a definite charm to the waterways and their beauty is missed this year.  Definitely there was too many of them but surely there was a better way of eliminating them.  Hopefully someone will tell me that they were captured and transported to other waterways where they could raise their young and live out their lives.  I miss them coming to my door and proudly showing me their new offspring.   

Goodbye Sammy and Samantha.  Hopefully you are still living on some beautiful pond or lake and coming to someone else’s door.  

Joy Ault


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