Sound Off — April 19

Here’s to All Volunteers
“Here’s to all volunteers, those dedicated people who believe in all work and no pay,” penned speechwriter Robert Orben.
This National Volunteer Week, April 15-21, we at the Greater Toledo Area Chapter are celebrating our own dedicated volunteers and partners, the people who make the American Red Cross run.
Our volunteers bring food, shelter, comfort and hope to hundreds of local families faced with rebuilding after fires, tornadoes and flooding each year.
Volunteers provide services to members of the military, veterans and their families, including communications linking military members to their loved ones during an emergency.
Red Cross volunteers teach first aid, CPR, swimming, babysitting and other health and safety courses. They staff community fairs to encourage their neighbors to learn these lifesaving skills and organize celebrations to recognize people who use their Red Cross training to save lives.
If you’re looking to serve your community, become a Red Cross volunteer. Right now the Greater Toledo Area Chapter especially needs people who are interested in providing relief to individuals displaced by local and national disasters. To volunteer, contact us at 419-329-2900 or visit
Tim Yenrick, Executive Director
American Red Cross — Greater Toledo Area Chapter

Sheriff’s Association
Many residents of Ottawa County have recently received, or will soon receive, a mailing from the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association. Ths mailing has my name attached to it and requests your becoming a member of the BSSA for the 2012 membership year.
I would like to let the citizens of Ottawa County know that the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association is an organization that does a great deal for sheriffs within the state of Ohio, as well as all county sheriff’s offices.
BSSA offers sheriffs, deputies and civilian employees of sheriff’s offices up-to-date training of many key law enforcement components that are crucial in our ability to perform our duties properly. It also offers constant updated information on changes within legislation, legal updates, law enforcement issues within the state of Ohio and upcoming training available in other venues. Another key benefit to sheriffs and sheriff’s office employees is that BSSA provides a lobbyist within the statehouse who fights for law enforcement rights, sheriff’s office authority and laws to protect our citizens that keep our communities safe.
I strongly endorse the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association and I am proud to be a member. However, this letter is not asking anyone to join, contribute or endorse BSSA. This letter is just being submitted to let each of you know that the letter from BSSA is not a scam and is a legitimate request.
As with any questionable mailing, I invite all citizens to check with our office regarding the validity of the mailing. You may contact dispatch at 419-74-4404 or call my direct line at 419-734-6877.
Sheriff Stephen Levorchick

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