Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Team Doin’ Good in the Neighborhood would like to extend a sincere thank you to Roseann Hickman of Perfect Color Hair & Tan for allowing us to set up our lemonade stand benefiting Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation on Saturday, June 7. Another big thanks to Michelle Kodak of The Cakery’s Bakery for the cupcakes that she donated to our stand, everyone enjoyed them. I would also like to thank Papa Jimmie’s, The Book Exchange, Ida Rupp Library and Ace Hardware for displaying our posters and fliers as well.

While we are very grateful to Roseann for allowing us to set up our stand at her salon again this year, I was very disappointed in “the powers that be” at City Hall by them refusing to allow me to set up the stand in front of The Cakery Bakery. At first, it appeared that it was a possibility, but when I had heard nothing from them a week later, I contacted Jenn at City Hall via email and she had to deliver the news that I would not be able to use the public right of way (the sidewalk).

When I pointed out that the Art Walk is held on the public sidewalks, I was told that the Art Council holds that even and that they fill out an event request form (which I was never advised to do prior) and they carry insurance that is pricey, so it was assumed that as a private citizen I would not be able to afford it. When I responded saying that I did indeed have insurance provided by Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation I got no response.

Thankfully Roseann had invited us to set up at her salon, so at least we had a spot to set up in the downtown area. I felt a serious lack of support from those at City Hall who denied us a high visibility space for this fundraiser for a very important, nationally known organization. Raising funds for researching treatments and hopefully one day a cure for pediatric cancer is something that is very important not just to me, but to the kids who are fighting for their lives every day. I did not ask for any special treatment or bending of rules; I was never made aware of the necessity of an event request form and I did have documentation showing that I was indeed representing ALSF.

Thanks again to those who did support our lemonade stand. You are much appreciated!


Amy Adkins
Team Doin' Good in the Neighborhood

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