Meeting Mr. Rose

Meeting Mr. Rose

Last week a friend of mine, Grant McCallum, a small business owner from Marblehead, and I took the time to travel to Medina to meet personally with Mr. Mike Rose of Washington Properties. It is our opinion that Mr. Rose is one of the most professional and accomplished businessman we’ve ever met. Also, I found him to be one of the most pleasant and fair-minded businessmen that I’ve ever met in my fifty plus years of being in business.

Micropolitan Cities, as Mr. Rose describes them, are cities with less than 50,000 citizens. Medina and Wooster are considered Micropolitan Cities and have experienced significant improvement in their standards of living and also in attracting both small and large new businesses as a result of the vision, commitment and efforts put forth by the Washington Properties team.

Mr. Rose believes in Port Clinton. He is willing to risk his own reputation and capital in an effort to create an environment that could bring the same results to our Micropolitan area. Mr. McCallum, who was a resident and business owner in the Medina area for 27 years, can attest to the revitalization of the town of Medina that Mike Rose was so instrumental in accomplishing. Prior to Mr. Rose’s involvement it reminded Mr. McCallum of Port Clinton’s business district.

Overall, the project, known as Harbor Front, is projected to be a $60,000,000+ project. No small commitment by any standard. Washington Properties, aka Mr. Rose, is prepared to provide not only vision for us, as he did for Medina and Wooster (go and see it for yourself), but he is also willing to risk a great deal to see it all through for us.

My friend and I were completely satisfied with the answers Mr. Rose gave to all of our questions. Thus, I encourage each one who is still in doubt to go and see for yourself what has taken place in towns like Wooster and Medina. Then, ask yourself if that kind of future could be possible, with Washington Properties help and money, for all of Port Clinton.

May those who come behind us find us faithful.


William J. O’Donnell, CLU, ChFC
Catawba Island, Port Clinton

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