Health insurance sign-up deadline

Health insurance sign-up deadline

Are you or someone you know medically uninsured, under-insured, or paying unaffordable private  insurance rates? You have until March 31 to remedy that, but you must act soon. 

To access information and apply, connect to, where you can also determine your eligibility for financial assistance according to your income and dependents. 

Have you run into a problem you cannot resolve? Call your local United Way (United Way in Ottawa County at 419-734-6645). In Ottawa County an appointment can be made with a “navigator” who will assist you in signing up. Appointments are on Friday at the Sutton Center, 1854 East Perry St, Ste 300, Port Clinton. 

Other sources of information are also available. Try, provided by the nonpartisan American Consumers Council. 

To determine your eligibility for the newly expanded Ohio Medicaid (no premiums or copayments), check 

It is long past time for basic medical insurance and services to be available to everyone. Those who oppose Social Security and Medicare for whatever reasons will continue to oppose Affordable Care. But affordable health care is now the law, it is constitutional and we have all begun to share in its benefits. 

The time to act is very short. Your future health and financial condition depends on your decision. 

Darrell Opfer

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