Sound Off — March 22

‘Sewing smiles’
In September of 2010, I wrote in The Beacon of my granddaughter, Sarah Elizabeth, who was undergoing cancer treatment at the time. We remain grateful for the response we received.

The recent Beacon article, “Sew Smiles for Sick Kids,” served as a reminder of that time when the horror of a child’s ongoing cancer treatment was firmly seated on a young family’s doorstep. In the 18 months or so that Sarah was involved in her various life-saving and life-altering procedures; there wasn’t one admission that there didn’t appear a cheerful spot in an environment that otherwise wasn’t much fun for a kid. In the midst of the pain and fear of a little kid and the care and concern of her stressed-out parents, the bright pillowcase seemed like a hug from an unknown donor. Whether bold primary stars, robots or geometrics; pastel ballerinas or florals; or familiar Disney or Peanuts characters; the pillowcases were a small positive in an overwhelmingly negative situation.
Last summer, Sarah was blessedly declared cancer-free and she is closely monitored to ensure that the disease is being held at bay. The pillowcases she took home from each hospital stay are souvenirs of the bittersweet time she required and received the exquisite care of the angels, a.k.a. the staff, at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Sarah and her little brother Drew often choose the “hostible” pillowcases when bedding is changed; and their clever mommy Renee turned some into sundresses. Renee has even begun sewing and donating pillowcases herself.
I’ll close with a practical suggestion to anyone choosing fabric for a ConKerr Cancer ‘case: No matter the season, flannel pillow covers seemed the most soothing to an itchy balding head or a newly-bare one.
I would encourage anyone considering donating pillowcases to ConKerr Cancer to do so, knowing first-hand what they can mean to a family enduring a pretty bleak time. God bless those who care for and donate to sick children.
Paula A. Young

The St. Joseph Marblehead Knights of Columbus sponsored its annual Winter Sports and Awards Banquet on Monday night, March 12, in the Parish Hall. The event was held to honor the Danbury High School girls and boys basketball teams and cheer leading squads. One hundred and ten people attended, and 25 local businesses made donations to help fund the event. Thanks to all our funding co-sponsors and congratulations to all our local student athletes.
Andy Walko, Treasurer
St. Joseph K of C

Stop War
Our reason for writing this to Sound Off is the horrible fear we feel about the path our country is taking today. We are spending billions of our required contributions (“taxes”) to only fund the prediction made decades ago by our former President, Dwight Eisenhower, about being aware of this country’s Military Industrial Complex. Our future as a democratic society is now in doubt. Big corporations that develop military hardware need LIVE war as a laboratory for their products, which they then sell to many countries around the world. We have no security interest in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. After all, because of this Complex, we have the world’s greatest inventory of hydrogen bombs to keep us safe! This ongoing military engagement is only political! Our sons and daughters are being killed, and all the politicians say is they died for the “cause,” which is really whatever the politicians tell us is important for their “electability.” Let all of us stand up to REALITY!!! STOP WAR!!!   
Thank you.
Dick and Elaine Renn

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