The city of Port Clinton has endured a harsh winter so far and we all look forward to spring. It is time for the city to take steps to insure a sound financial year approaching through our efforts to see that the city moves forward with economic steps; jobs and infrastructure improvements.

As you can see by now, the tourists have left and the city begins to sleep until the spring. Many businesses have a rough time making it through these months.

We need jobs and that should be our number one priority. This can be accomplished by waterfront development with emphasis on improving the downtown revitalization plan. Citizens: contact your council and leadership urging them to move forward and do something. We need to develop year round businesses and activities, not more condos. We had our chance before to turn it around and the naysayers won. If we don’t do something, the consequences will continue to spiral downward and more businesses will leave. Wouldn’t it be nice to have at least a boardwalk along the river and an amphitheatre for entertainment? Ask yourself are we better off not doing something or creating a new, revitalized area.

As a citizen I am very disappointed in the attitude of many folks who say they don’t want anyone to touch improvements to the city; for instance, the Garden Restaurant which was bought by the bank to improve this site. Those opposed could have bought it and controlled it but now they choose to demonstrate against it. Being against business isn’t a good thing and I should not have to tell you that the center of economic growth is business.

Our President’s theme has been “Move Forward”. I agree with this and don’t want to see us move backwards. Join me in urging the city to grow. As our great President Lincoln once said, “Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.”

Former Mayor, Thomas M. Brown

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