Wind Turbines

I am writing in response to the negative responses on birds and wind power. One, in our area there will be a negative impact on the birds that use the wildlife areas and refuges where the turbines are being constructed. Second, these studies and facts come from educated personal within the federal government, state government paid for by the tax payers to get the facts. Both USFWS and ODNR have said there will be impacts on the birds. We are talking millions of birds that flock to the beach ridges along Lake Erie during migration. These protected areas are for the birds since over 300 species can be found in Northern Ohio during migrations. Surely not just for the deer. 

Here are some facts from Nearly 1 out of every 5 sightings of Bay-breasted Warblers in North America in May 2013 was recorded in NW Ohio (18.9%) as of 11/29/2013. The counties of Lucas, Ottawa and Erie in northwest Ohio comprise only 0.02% of the land area of North America, yet from this tiny area a total of over 70,000 sightings of 37 species of warblers were seen in May of 2013. That is just where the public can get access to land like at Magee and Ottawa NWR and East Harbor State Park. This issue needs serious attention and action. 

Also to note the Black Swamp Bird Observatory has banded nearly 600,000 birds within NW Ohio. This area is critical for the survival of these tiny gems that grace us each spring and fall during their thousands of miles journey south for the winter or north in the spring to breed. We have to realize these birds will be flying at the turbine levels that is why here will have more casualties than elsewhere. We have federal laws that protect the bird. No company should have a green light to kill and not be held accountable. Remember location matters and it’s not green if it kills. 

Ryan Lesniewicz

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