Thank you from the Humane Society

Well finally 2013 is gone. Here at the shelter it has been one hectic year with a lot of trial and tribulations, but for 2014 things are looking up. People that were busting their butts to keep the shelter going in 2013 will just keep on busting their butts to help the animals and keep the shelter going in 2014. The public, businesses and media in 2013 were exceptionally generous and we hope it keeps up and grows in 2014, because without all of you folks we may not have made it. We are here to help all animals in Ottawa County and will always be here to do so.

We would like to thank all the volunteers that helped at events, came to shelter to work, play with cats, help the cleaners clean, walk the dogs and provided many donations of food and supplies. This was so greatly appreciated by the animals, and monetary donations were overwhelming from all of you folks in 2013. Keep up the kindness in 2014. The animals LOVE YOU ALL!

I myself would like to thank my board members for the determination to work so hard in 2013 to help the animals and to keep the shelter going and also a big thank you to the employees. There are others that today are working on the 1st event in March 2014 to make it a huge success. Thank you!

To all have a very happy new year and be safe.

Tina & Renee
and the animals at HSOC

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