Thank you to my community

For ten years I have made it through because of my community’s low income programs, financial donations, housing programs, energy assistance and food pantries. I am very thankful and so proud of the people in the community who care enough to keep giving. I could have never made it through the years without your generosity.

I may not know each and every one of you, but I see you are out there. It takes a good hearted person like those unnamed whom I have never met to keep the love alive in our community and our world. There are many though that I do know by name and I want to publically thank you for helping my family and me all these years:

Wally for all the years of delivering at the food pantry, Jan Hirt, Janine Dress, Judy Just and the Holiday Bureau, Earl Mencel, Don Youncy, Dennis Douglas, Micky Neilsen, Cathleen Twining, Jeff Lehr, Scott Witter and family, Tom Courtney, Rose Tibbles, Danbury School Faculty, Maureen and the Salvation Army, all of the Holiday Bureau volunteers, Mr. Ed’s Christmas donations, Ellen and Heartbeat of Port Clinton, Jennifer Bell, Pastor Chris Young and Side by Side Ministry, Pastor Brad, Truth Ministries pantry and resale shop, all local churches, all local grocery stores, United Way, Officer Greg Fultz and the entire Marblehead/Danbury Twp. Police Department for a special yearly Christmas tree lighting and Santa Visit at James Park and St. Joseph’s choir.

To any and all volunteers and organizations I don’t know about or may have forgotten; I am grateful for you all. You make my life and holidays brighter. God bless you always and Merry Christmas. 

With much love,

Tinaka Lewis


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