Sound Off — March 1

Responsible development
C.O.R.D. is responding to a recent letter in the Beacon, Feb. 2, concerning development in Port Clinton. Yes, Port Clinton needs economic development. Given our county’s present economic situation, what community doesn’t?

Important as development is, a planned, varied, cautious approach is needed. If not, costly mistakes will be made. As an example we point to the Puller Project. For those that need a reminder read the Beacon’s article “Puller Pulls Out” (April 17, 2008) and the News Herald article of April 21, 2008 “Puller: City Keeps Changing Everything.” Thousands and thousands of dollars were misspent.
The city must have different types of development from retail to recreational, from educational to industrial. A varied approach allows economic balance within the community to exist.
The city must also consider the location of the development project, the restrictions of that location, and the cost to meet those restrictions. If not, time, money, and opportunity will be wasted.
When the appropriate project does present itself, will the city have the finances to take advantage of that opportunity if this misspending is continued?
C.O.R.D. – Citizens Organized for Responsible Development
Don Finke, Port Clinton
Jerry Jonke, Port Clinton

Traffic plea
I wish to write an open letter to ODOT, Danbury and Catawba townships, Ottawa County Department of Engineering and safety directors about a near-death experience at the McDonald’s at Ohio 163 and 53.
While I’m grateful for the improvements, they seem to have again avoided the entrance and exit of McDonald’s. It is my wish that the same design is used there that was used for the entrance to the Huntington Bank: only a south-bound entrance and a south-bound exit.
I was south-bound and in the right turn lane just as I have done for the last 30-plus. This day was different – my speed approx. 20 mph. Traffic was heavy on all directions, I had the arrow for the right turn but the two lanes, straight and the left turn onto 163 west was held by a red light.
Two very courteous drivers just happen to be side by side and provided a space before them for a vehicle to pass into McDonald’s. The vehicles were not lined up real perfect and blocking my view of that small opening, when a vehicle did happen to pass through in front. That driver might not have known there was another lane, the one I was in and when I saw him and hit the brake, I was all braced and really thought for a moment I hit him broadside. I still do not know how I avoided any contact.
That really opened to eyes and I had to park in the first drive I passed to gather myself. I pray everyone that reads this please join me: that drive has to be closed to cross traffic.
There is another entrance that is safe off of 163 and also a much safer exit onto 163 for north-bound.  Nobody is put out.
I beg every Catawba Island resident to support my purpose, including the owner of McDonald’s.
Bill Miller
Catawba Island

Dear Editor,
As the U.S. Supreme Court diddles, our Corps of Engineers complete their estimated 2015 study, and Chicago business/political interests continue blocking the only known way to prevent Asian Carp from entering the Great Lakes, the U.S. government continues to waste time as these huge fish swim our way.
As noted elsewhere, "the invasion by the Silver & Big Head Carp can only be averted by the hydrological separation of the Great Lakes & Mississippi River basins."
That's the final answer, end of story!
Big government can spend hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars for silly projects & studies, but sits on their collective hands for over a decade while a $7 billion dollar critical fishing and recreational industry is destroyed, forever!
Remember who these do nothing political spectators are on this election day.
Thank you.
Ken Benjamin

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