Downtown Port Clinton

My wife and I have been part time residents  since 1987. Starting out in Blue Teal, next to Breezy Acres and for the last 20 years on Catawba Island.  After listening and reading all your articles in the Beacon regarding Waterworks Parks future I realize residents of Port Clinton want things to stay the way they have been and make no changes.

Example: downtown badly needs sprucing up with paint. Fix the sidewalks and even though the storefronts are empty, decorate them to at least look friendly. The town needs a hook, something to draw people to PC. The tall ships brought the town alive, as with the Walleye Festival. The Islands do get the bulk of the business but with an attraction such as a waterpark/Hotel or maybe even a permanent ship of some type maybe visitors would stay a little longer. Put some entertainment on the streets for the children. Maybe traveling magicians, clowns, musicians walking around. If none of these ideas fly we have loved PC as our second home and continue to partake in all summer events even if everything stays the same. 

Thanks for listening. 

Catawba Island

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