I know my wife and I are part timers of the area and that usually means "tourist" or "visitor". But we have been property owners on Catawba for the past 7 years and have been coming up for the past 12 years. We love the beauty of the area and the effort most take to keep Catawba Island and Port Clinton looking beautiful. But some people are not making the effort to keep the area clean.

I started walking a lot this summer after several back operations. I love walking the Cemetery Road area. Recently I begun to notice all the cigarette butts thrown along each side of the road.

Last Saturday I decided to try to count. North side of road from stop sign to stop sign: 217; south side of road: 127. Almost 250, and that count is very light since I had to look up for traffic!

Observations: only 1 butt in front of cemetery area; only 2 butts in front of Administration Building; no butts on blacktop in front of maintenance building and volunteer fire house. Concentrated areas are around each corners. So obviously there is a conscious decision where people are throwing them.

I realize that these litters can be caused by visitors but not all. Can't the township place signs periodically warning of littering fines (including cigarette butts)? And can't smokers stop throwing out their bad habits! I have tried to pick up some of the litter but can't possibly pick up 250+ cigarette butts!

Keep it clean Catawba!

Bob Riepenhoff
Have a Great Day!

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