Waterworks Park

How soon we forget. We now see a replay of 2007 on the Waterworks Park issue. The people who oppose any development and insist that the citizens should decide were already accommodated 6 years ago.  The issue of rezoning the park to permit the development was on the ballot November 6, 2007.  Those in favor had their say and, among many others, were supported by the opinion of three former mayors: myself, John Fritz, and Jeanne Huskey. The opposition was organized by the same C.O.R.D. group that continues to oppose it as if they have forgotten that the people spoke to them that November and supported the change to allow the development. 

Three sentences concluding the former mayors' letter of support at that time still ring true: "We also share a concern that a large number of our citizens do not realize how critical Port Clinton's situation is.  Things absolutely must be turned around very soon or we will continue to be a dying community. When we pass the point where investors and developers no longer feel there is opportunity in Port Clinton, we will have reached the point of no return, and the hopes for our City to thrive again will be extinguished."

The people spoke then and said "Yes", so now it is time to support our city leaders. Let's move on!

Lockwood Zeis
Mayor, 1968-1971

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