Waterworks Park

In response to the Aug. 15 Beacon article regarding the Waterworks Park development, we would like to make a couple of comments regarding why the million dollar development would not be conducive for full and part-time residents.

Most residents along E. Perry Street are against the development and so are we. We love the small town ambience and flavor of the city and always feel welcome and privileged to be part of this town on the Lake Erie shore. This is heaven for us. The disturbance of the community/city would be an unwelcoming event and make it not ours or any middle class folks choice of choosing.

Who is going to support the new businesses when there are vacant properties and unused beautiful buildings and businesses on Madison Street? Has the development committee taken a real hard look around other than their own pocketbooks?

The opportunitist compared our town to Wooster, OH. Wooster is a much bigger town than Port Clinton and has a college population. Port Clinton is a seasonal town and has a 6,000 year round population compared to Wooster’s population of 30,000.

The article mentioned 5 star restaurants. What about the current 5 star restaurants that Port Clinton already has? We have enough. We as part-time residents only visit the high 5 establishments on special occasions. Futhermore, a third of the restaurants/hotels in Port Clinton close in the late fall/winter, unlike the town of Wooster. The middle class person cannot support an abundance of 5 star restaurants.

Suggestion: Spend the money on revamping Madison Street if you want to have a spending spree. Revitalize the beautiful historic downtown buildings.

Next point. Why the condos in Waterworks park? We live in a condo association with a beach that is private property. Who is to say that these new condo builders are going to make sure that the public has access to the waterfront as promised. Promises are always broken after tax abatements and contracts are lost in the system.

Bottom line is, Port Clinton will never become a big city like Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, etc. Port Clinton should continue to be a quaint, friendly tourist town. What’s wrong with that? Ask Sheriff Andy Taylor and Aunt Bea of Mayberry, R.F.D. Continue to support your local businesses. We do and it is fun in the doing.

Mark and Melanie Misencik

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