Thanks for 4th volunteers

This is why I love living in a small town. A few weeks ago a call went out for singers to be part of a community chorus to sing patriotic songs on July 4th. With just four two-hour rehearsals they did it. It was more than singing. The narrator told us the origin of each song or hymn and even proclaimed the Gettysburg Address.

Following the concert, which was just one of the activities on the 4th, was a fantastic, heart pounding - you know when the booms reach in and grab your insides - display of fireworks that surpassed those I saw last night.

I love the gathering of the viewers. As dusk turns to dark the park is filled with families bringing chairs and blankets. Glow necklaces and sticks shimmer in the night. The DJ played dance music. People carve out a spot on the tree lawn or closer to the lake. The first trickle becomes a river and like magic when the first boom goes off hundreds are in their places and all of us watch the sky light up. 

And then, very orderly, we leave, heading east, west and south. We are courteous, basking in the afterglow of our shared American-ness and our love of a good fireworks display. 

I know and acknowledge it is volunteers who do this. I thank each of them!

Chris Galvin,

Port Clinton

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