Port Clinton Lighthouse

To the Citizens of Port Clinton:

The Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy has presented a detailed proposal to the city council for the transfer of the old Port Clinton Lighthouse – currently being restored at Brand’s Marina - to the city and its placement on the waterfront. This proposal represents a unique and historic opportunity for the city to acquire and preserve for its citizens a truly iconic city landmark.

Our proposal makes clear that the lighthouse will be a great asset to the city and its downtown, given the tremendous popularity of these structures and the proliferation of lighthouse tourism. We also show that the small footprint and aesthetic qualities of the lighthouse ensure its compatibility with any future waterfront development, including one that was unveiled at a recent public meeting at the Elks Lodge. 

We will be holding a public meeting on Wednesday, March13, at 6:30 p.m. at the Ida Rupp Public Library to brief the details of our proposal and to provide an update on the restoration effort. In the meantime, there is a copy of the proposal posted at the Ida Rupp Library and copies can be requested by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We continue to be amazed and humbled at the overwhelming show of pubic support for our efforts to restore this historic treasure, transfer it to the city, and preserve it for future generations. Please let your elected officials know that you care about this effort and urge them to act quickly so that we may have the lighthouse relocated to the waterfront by this summer to take advantage the upcoming 1812 Bicentennial celebrations and myriad other events.

The Port Clinton Lighthouse is featured prominently on the seal of the city, which hangs proudly in the council chambers, and whose image graces the welcome signs seen by all who enter the city. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the lighthouse once again graced our waterfront?

Rich Norgard, President
Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy

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