It is hard to believe that it has been over a month since my mother, Mary Alice Streeter, passed away.  She, like my father, Clarence Streeter, loved this town of Port Clinton.  They were both raised here as children and felt this was a wonderful town in which to live and raise a family.  Dad even said to me one time while we were walking near the lake, “I think Port Clinton is God’s country, why would anyone want to live anywhere else?”  To which I responded, “I agree with you, Dad.”

Port Clinton is a wonderful area, not just because of the spectacular view of Lake Erie, and not just because of the beautiful seasons we have, its crowning glory is the people who live here!  Mom’s brothers and their wives and dad’s sister all raised their families here as well, so cousins were plentiful, which made Port Clinton the family place to be.  Growing up here we felt safe, got a good education and made oh so many wonderful and fun memories.  Our neighborhood was special, too.  Keith & Marge Montgomery and Earl and Patsy Warnke were our other parents who kept me in line as much as my own parents did.  But more, they, and their children, were family, too.

But this past January proved that many in Port Clinton are family to Greg and me as well.  We received so many wonderful cards offering condolences, prayers, and Masses for mom.  So many memorials to Immaculate Conception, American Red Cross and to Stein Hospice, as well as other non-profit organizations, like the Ottawa County Museum, etc.  We received many Facebook messages, e-mails and texts telling us that people are thinking of us, praying for us.  For a month now, wherever I go people come up to me and tell me how sorry they are that mom is gone, that THEY MISS HER SO MUCH, that mom always put a smile on their face when they would depart.  People would stop their conversations and say, “I have to give Carol a hug” as I was coming toward them.  The hugs and the smiles that I get in the grocery store, at church, in the street….. maybe there are other places in Ohio, or even in the United States, like this, but I am glad I am here, with all of you.  I feel I am blessed, and I KNOW I am blessed, to have so many to comfort me, as I pray I am comforting you as well in your loss of a friend, a mentor, a role model, a buddy, a sister in Christ.

Mom left a wonderful legacy in Port Clinton, as did my dad.  They gave to others and in return they received so much goodness and love.  Many of the “girls” at Curves said mom inspired them as well as made them laugh while working out, now it is YOUR responsibility to keep the smiles and laughter going.  You keep encouraging each other so you can “look good in the box”! ☺ (Mom’s sense of humor - the daughter of an undertaker!)

Even after all these words, I still don’t know how to say, ‘THANK YOU’ for all you have done for mom and for Greg and me.  I truly am so appreciative of all the TLC this past month.  Sometimes it seems she is not even gone because I see her reflected in all of you. ☺  I will say it again, I feel so blessed to be living in Port Clinton with so many wonderful people.

God Bless.
Love you,
Carol & Greg Fox

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