Thanks to voters

As we transition away from the hectic campaign season to the holiday season, I want to thank the voters of Ottawa County for their support of my candidacy for state representative.

I have never and will never take that support for granted and look forward to continuing my public service for our great area.


Last week my friend John Schaffner wrote a column reminding all of us of the importance of voting. John shares my deep belief that we should never take our vote for granted and must always actively participate in the electoral process. I do have a disagreement with John’s position that voting is not a right but a privilege. Nothing could be further from the truth. Voting is a right, guaranteed by the Constitution and protected by the Voting Rights Act. Convincing would be voters to cast their support one way or another is a privilege I and other candidates have. And I appreciate that privilege.


Chris Redfern,


Port Clinton


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