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Each year I write a letter to the editor after the Bell Ringing/Christmas season, thanking the community for their extraordinary dedication to The Salvation Army in Ottawa County. This past week I have been the recipient of three extraordinary events.

While shopping at our local Wal Mart for items for the food pantry located in our office, with two shopping carts full of non-perishables, toiletries and paper products, I proceeded to unload the cart (with the help of a very kind woman behind me) a cashier, Kari, proceeded to not only scan each and every item in a very quick and timely manner, but she also sorted everything according to product while packing the bags. Nearly 400 items and $600 later, not only did Kari have my carts loaded, but also had called someone to help me out to my car, all while listening to me talk about the food pantry and all of the other programs we have at The Salvation Army in Ottawa County.

Kari was so energized and excited to be part of our programs that she offered to come to my office at the Sutton Center on her break and unload my car and sort all the items. Sure enough, she was at my office by 10:15 a.m. and had everything unloaded and sorted on the food pantry shelves within 20 minutes. This young lady is an exceptionally giving and caring person with the unselfishness that I had the honor of experiencing. We now have a new volunteer for our upcoming Toy, Coats and Kettle Season. The next time you go in to our Wal Mart, tell Kari what a wonderful addition she is to The Salvation Army. 

Another act of extraordinary kindness was from our local Subway in Catawba. Manager Rhonda and her staff had collected their tips for one full week and bought coats for our Coats for Families Program. We were blessed with 27 brand new kids’ coats  this week. The next time you are at Subway Catawba, tell the staff “Thanks for Caring and Sharing!”

And, without giving any names, thank you to the anonymous donor of a $1,000 donation to the Coats for Families Program. I was able to once again go shopping at our local Wal Mart and bought $1,000 worth of kids’ coats.

Once again, I am honored to live, work and be a part of our Community!!

Maureen Saponari

The Salvation Army Ottawa County

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