Sound Off — Dec. 1

Bring home the troops
President Obama promised to bring home our troops from Iraq by December 2011. Actually Bush signed a treaty in 2008 to bring them home. We are all happy, at last, the end of the Iraq war. That is the good news! And now the bad news. We will be fighting Muslim extremist for the next 50 years or more. Will we gain peace by leaving Iraq? No.

Iraq is weak, Iran is strong and a Sunni Muslim state. They will arm the Iraq Sunnis and eventually bring down the Iraqi democracy and form an extreme Muslim state based on Sharia Law.
We really have no friends in Afghanistan either. Their President recently said he would side with Pakistan, if there were a war.
Why do the Muslim nations hate the West and of course, all Jews? First, a little history lesson. During World War II, all nations in the British Empire volunteered troops to fight Nazi Germany except all Arab countries. The Grand Mufti of Palestine was a personal guest of Hitler in Berlin. Later he was instrumental in attacking Jewish settlements after WWII. The Jews in Palestine volunteered to fight the Nazi under a special unit called the Haganah.
After we leave Afghanistan, the country will probably revert to an extremist nation.
What is the real root of all our problems in the Mid-East, Iran, of course? They have been supplying arms to the Sunnis in Iraq who have killed thousands of Americans. They are supplying arms to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda for years. Where do you think they get their arms, like maybe Walmart? So what should we do about Iran? They are getting close to having the bomb. We need a strong leader to get really tough with them before it is too late and they control all of the Middle East and really finance terror on a grand scale. To create an atmosphere of another war is political suicide for most all of our politicians. Is there anyone that can take decisive steps against Iran? Ronnie, where are you.
Ron Mainous
Catawba Island

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