PC gets Safe Routes to Schools funding

PC gets Safe Routes to Schools funding

Mayor Leone of the City of Port Clinton and Superintendent Patrick Adkins of the Port Clinton City Schools are pleased to announce the approval of $406,000 in Safe Routes to Schools funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation. The Safe Routes to Schools program is intended to establish safer pedestrian access, upgrade pedestrian signals and signage in proximity to the schools, and mark the pavement with proper identification symbols. The approved activities will be undertaken in the vicinity of the Bataan Memorial Elementary School and the Port Clinton Middle School. The application was a joint effort between the city, the schools and the consulting engineering firm of DGL.
The award breakdown, subject to a final project scope meeting with ODOT officials, includes $390,000 for construction activities and $16,000 for construction engineering.
Mayor Leone stated he was “very pleased that the application for these funds was approved by ODOT.” Leone added that “ODOT’S award will provide 100 percent of the construction costs for these improvements which will greatly improve the safety of the students going to and from school.” 

The following is a breakdown of the proposed activities funded by the ODOT award.

1. New sidewalks, 5 feet in width with handicapped ramps, to be constructed (16,000 square feet) in the following locations.  
• On the north side of Alice Street between Grant and Clinton Streets
• On the south side of Cotswood between Tyler and the Bataan School site
• On the south side of Sixth Street from Grant Street to the curve
• On the south side of Sixth Street from Clinton Street heading westerly to existing sidewalks
• On both sides of Seventh Street going east from Jefferson to the existing sidewalks
• On the north side of 10th Street from Fulton Street heading west to existing sidewalk*
• On the north side of 10th Street from Jefferson Street to Madison Street
• On the west side of Jefferson Street from 10th Street going north to existing sidewalk
• On the north side of Alice Street from Madison Street going west to existing sidewalk
• On the west side of Fulton Street near the new parking lot going north to the existing sidewalk
All sidewalks except on 10th Street from Fulton heading westerly will be within the street right-of-way.  On 10th Street, it will be on school property.

2.  Various street intersections with existing sidewalks do not have handicapped ramps. There are 20 such locations in close proximity to the two schools. The handicapped ramps and necessary sidewalk improvements (2,000 square feet) will be made at these locations.

3. Cross walk lines and school signage will be installed in the areas surrounding the Bataan School and the Middle School sites. Thirty-two school signs in total will be erected between the two school sites identifying the school zones, 

4. Four school flashers signs will be erected in proximity to the Bataan school with two on Sixth Street and two on Alice Street. Two school flashers signs will be erected on Jefferson Street in proximity to the Middle School.    

Superintendent Adkins noted that “the safety of the students is always a very important factor considered by the Board of Education in its decision-making process.” He said he is pleased to have had the opportunity to work closely with the city in accomplishing this important task.
“This is another example of the great working relationship that exists between the schools and city,” Adkins said. “This project began under the former administration and has continued with Mayor Leone.   The timing could not have been better.”

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