PC City Schools announces Flagship winners

The Flagship Awards are part of Port Clinton City School District’s recognition program to honor parents, community members, staff and students that help the district fulfill its motto of “Proudly Charting a Course for Success.”  At the April 23 meeting, the Port Clinton Board of Education recognized the following with Flagship Awards:

• 2011-12 Port Clinton High School Leadership Council, Crew Award (Community)Members of the Port Clinton High School Leadership Council accept their Flagship Crew Award from the Port Clinton Board of Education.
The Port Clinton High School Leadership Council, including advisors Scott Cross and Mike Spencer, have done a phenomenal job this year of promoting positive character traits throughout the high school.  Each year, they are instrumental to the success of so many activities at PCHS including Frosh Fest to welcome incoming students, Homecoming Parade and spirit events, staff recognition in May and much more. This year, after the Rachel’s Challenge assembly, the group was so moved by the assembly, they pledged to do more to promote a positive atmosphere.
Leadership Council members have dedicated countless hours of their own time in a variety of ways including painting positive messages on the pillars and wall in the hallways. They have given students the chance to build lasting connections by placing their hand print under the theme “these hands will touch many lives.” The students also read to Bataan Memorial students a few days each week to help our youngest students develop and grow as well as give them positive role models to emulate.  

This energetic group has positively impacted the lives of countless students and created a positive environment at PCHS. The Port Clinton Board of Education honored their leadership with a Flagship Crew Award.
Leadership Council Members:  President — Sydney Smith; Vice President — Emaleigh Dunn; Secretary — Christian Cash; Treasurer — Cheyenne Meek; Historian — Katelyn Zam; seniors Eric Brahier, Natalie Eyink, Kelly Friemark, Raegen Frye, Brooke Kelly, Michael Long, Brenna Peterson, Amber Peto, Clayton White, Emily Ochs and Marcie Lindslay; juniors Sydney Adkins, Cory Colston, Brody Dunn, Trey Gluth, Jessica Johnson, Laura Masimore, Sam Miller, Katie Schroeder and Cody Smith; sophomores Zach Baugh, Tiffany Colston, Noah Cross, Ian Kyle, Jake Prosser, Amber Wuersig, Joey Zam and Elise Zeitzheim; and freshmen Ty Gallogly, Kathryn Mueller, Gabe Defreitas, Shane Meek, Andrew Cline, Allie Schroeder, Mackenzie Stine and Hannah Weaver.

• Diane Zam, First Mate Award (Parents)
While it is true that Zam is an outstanding teacher at Port Clinton Middle School, she is also an outstanding mother of two Port Clinton City School District Students, Katelyn and Joey.
Zam is the mom that you see everywhere:  timing at swim meets and helping at track meets, team feeds and much more. She supports all her children’s activities and in doing so benefits other students in our district as well. Zam is always willing to help whether it be serving on a committee or taking on special tasks both as a teacher during school or a parent after school. She is caring, energetic and a true friend to the Port Clinton City Schools and all of their students.
Zam was presented with the Flagship First Mate Award to thank her for helping all students to Proudly Chart a Course for Success!
Patrick Adkins, Superintendent of Schools (left) and Paul Shaw (right), Port Clinton Board of Education; with Flagship Award Recipients Diane Zam and Dawn Courtright.
• Dawn Courtright, Captain Award (Staff)
Committed, dedicated, hard-working, going above and beyond, these are all descriptions that can be used to describe Courtright. She has served the school district in many capacities, most recently taking on the positions of maintaining grounds and athletic fields.  She picked up right where retired Bob Britt left off and has taken pride and ownership in her work.
Another descriptive word used for this past fall is “wet,” which made preparing athletic fields for soccer, football, band practice and much more challenging to say the least. With reduced places for kids to practice due to construction and extreme weather conditions, Dawn took on the added challenge with gusto and provided our students with the proper grounds to practice or play.
The Board of Education appreciates all Courtright does for the school district and its students as well as her outstanding work ethic. For her commitment and dedication, Courtright was presented with a Flagship Captain Award.

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