Port Clinton High School Government Day

PCHS Government student, Ashlynn Slauterbeck, works with City Treasurer Edna Hansen as part of Student Government Day.  High School students shadowed government officials for the day. 

Some students in Mr. Greg Scalf’s Government Classes had the opportunity to learn, first hand, what life is really like as a public official.  On May 13, students spent a portion of the day with City Officials and learned about the requirements and responsibilities of their positions.  

Mayor Vince Leone had assistance from PCHS students Allesandria Dracka and Jack Warner.  Sabrina Webster and Jesse Escobedo spent the morning with Fire Chief Kent Johnson learning about all the responsibilities of the local Fire Department.  With the help of Judge Hany, Rich Gillum and George Wilbur, along with other officials, students had a mock trial during the day.  Police Chief for the day, Keegan Lowe, even arrested defendants Eryn Binder and Kassidy Mahler during their lunch at Port Clinton High School!  

Later in the evening, students even had the opportunity to partake in the City Council Meeting.  The following students served alongside council at the meeting.  

Other Port Clinton High School students served in the following capacities:  City Councilman –Tricia Peroni; Safety Service Director - Zach Kokinda; Administrative Assistant - Kiya Brown; Treasurer - Ashlynn Slauterbeck; Auditor -  Tarrynn Edgefield; Waste Water Treatment Plant Operating Engineer -  Jake Depner; Water Office Manager -  Samantha Stroupe; Water Distribution Foreman – John Vallance; 

Tax Commissioner - Summer Magi; Recreation Director - Alysia Zoeller; Service Department Supervisor - Madison Burris; EMS- Jennifer Salazar; Judge - Joshua Vossen; Law Director -  Andrew Cline, Hannah Weaver; Defense Attorney - Emily Ashley, Shane Meek; Bailiff - Collin Salyers; Witnesses for Defense - Tristen Mallory, Maranda Schultz; Witnesses for Prosecution -  Haley Crawford, Lauren Wheeler; City Councilman – Ron Aukerman, Ward 1 – Cal Laurel;  Jerry Tarolli, Ward 2 – Cole Araguz;  Margaret Phillips, Ward 3 – McKenzie Stine; Gabe Below, Ward 4 – Terrell Turner;  Nicole DeFreitas, At Large – Gabe DeFreitas; Lisa Sarty, At Large – Toni Jones; Mike Snider, At Large – John Morton; Linda Hartlaub, President of Council – Collin Salyers; Leigh Sprenger, Clerk of Council – Raven Rogers and alternates:  Marisa Oftedal, Taylor Zink, Dennis Elias, Alec Ochs, and Tim Lawrence.

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