ICS third graders take a Roman journey

Stefanie Jadwisiak and Parker Fanning paint with the emblems of their coins.

Gabby Johnson creates a Roman chariot on her coin.

Jaden Laney shows of his Roman coin.

Jacob Weldon puts the details on her Roman warrior.

Mrs. Wendy Loeber’s third graders at Immaculate Conception School in Port Clinton have been on a learning adventure as they have been reading the Magic Treehouse book, “Vacation Under the Volcano” by Mary Pope Osborne. 

In the book the main characters Jack and Annie are whisked back to the days of the Roman Empire. They arrive in Pompeii and soon discover that it is the very day the city will be destroyed. Now Jack and Annie must race against time to find an ancient library before it is buried in ash. To go along with the book, the class has been studying Roman coins. The class made their own coins and decorated them with warriors, temples and chariots. The icons and scenes were painted with gold, silver, and bronze and placed on foil plates.

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