National Young Readers Day at I.C.S. Featured

Port Clinton Mayor Vince Leone laughs with the ICS preschoolers as they pick his favorite book "Spaghetti Eddie".

Immaculate Conception Catholic School spent Tuesday morning listening to local celebrities read their favorite children’s stories as part of National Young Readers Day 2013. National Young Reader’s Day is celebrated the second Tuesday of November each year to remind of us the benefits and rewards of reading. This special day was created by Pizza Hut and the Center of the Book in the Library of Congress in 1989 as a means to celebrate literacy.

This year’s celebrity readers at Immaculate Conception included Officer David Scott from the PCPD, Chief Todd Fletcher from the United States Coast Guard, librarian Ms. Lucy Wines, Ottawa County Probate/Juvenile Court Judge Kathleen Giesler, and Port Clinton Mayor Vince Leone. The day was organized by reading teacher Rachell Paeth. The students at I.C.S. wish to thank these adults who took time out of their busy days to read to them.

Ida Rupp Librarian Ms. Lucy Wines reads "The Great Fairytale Disaster" to the ICS Kindergarten class. 


Officer David Scott gets a little reading help from his son Dawson as they together read to Dawson's 1st grade classmates.


Appropriately, Judge Kathleen Geisler read the book entitled "Snow" on Tuesday morning to a classroom of ICS third and fourth graders.


Chief Todd Fletcher from the U.S. Coast Guard both read to the ICS fifth grade class and gave them insight as to what a job with the Coast Guard can entail. 

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