B-C-S Board approves cuts

When the B-C-S Board of Education met in January, one of the goals set was to balance the budget. With the failure of three levy attempts for new money, the Board contacted the North Point Educational Service Center for assistance with re-formatting the staffing currently in place at B-C-S. North Point provides this service at no cost to the district. NPESC met with the board and the administration, superintendent and treasurer to give their recommendations. A team effort to reduce current staffing with the least amount of disruption to programs was presented to the Board. Every department will experience staff reductions from administrators to teachers, aides,

technology, food service, maintenance, custodians, athletics, talented and gifted, guidance, librarian, nursing, art and music will all be affected by the recommendations. The savings to the district will be more than $2 million. All cuts in staffing will take effect at the start of the new school year. At this point, most all programs will be maintained but it would be unfair to tell the community the service level will remain the same. The reductions in every department will require increases in class size and reductions to intervention for students.
The district has dedicated employees who have served the district and student’s well that will no longer have a job next school year. These cuts are necessary to deal with the projected deficit the district faces. The last five-year forecast had the district completely running out of money in 2014. The cuts will allow the district to create a balanced budget for the first time in five years.
With the closing of three outlying elementary schools, the dynamics of B-C-S will be as follows:  RC Waters will be kindergarten through third grade, Middle School will be fourth through seventh grades and the High School will be eighth throught 12th.  
In other news, Anne Arnold, treasurer of B-C-S, submitted her letter of resignation.
“I am grateful to have served the students, staff and community of the BCS school district. I am proud of the positive things I have had the chance to be a part of over the last three years,” she told the board. “At this time, other opportunities have presented themselves to me and I have made the decision to pursue them.”
The Board of Education accepted Arnold’s resignation and board president Jeff Dornbusch said: “We are thankful for Mrs. Arnold’s service to the district and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.”

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